Saturday, December 11, 2010

LPGA Q-School Friday: Jessica Korda Moves into Contention with 66

Lisa Mickey, Hound Dog, and Ryan Ballengee focus on the leaders and notables near the 72-hole cut line after 3 rounds of LPGA Q-School. What they don't emphasize enough is how Jessica Korda's bogey-free 66 was even more impressive because it came on the tougher Legends course. I wouldn't be surprised to see her or Aree Song (who also went under par on the Legends course yesterday) in the lead at the end of play today, given their increased odds of going low on the Champions course.

As everyone teed off this morning, here's where the notables stood:

(Note: L=Legends, C=Champions, [a]=amateur)
1st/-7 Libby Smith (67C-69L-73C)
T2/-6 Jessica Korda [a] (72L-72C-66L), Aree Song (67L-72C-71L)
4th/-5 Jimin Jeong (69C-69L-73C)
T5/-4 Jin Young Pak (72C-71L-69C), Belen Mozo (68L-72C-72L)
T7/-3 Pernilla Lindberg (68C-77L-68C), Nicole Hage (71C-73L-69C), Reilley Rankin (67L-73C-73L)
T10/-2 Angela Oh (70L-74C-70L), Pornanong Phatlum (72L-66C-76L)
T12/-1 Dori Carter (71C-74L-70C), Dewi Claire Schreefel (70L-74C-71L)
T14/E Elisa Serramia (74C-74L-68C), Jenny Suh (74L-71C-71L), Nicole Jeray (70L-74C-72L), Sarah Brown (73C-70L-73C), Mollie Fankhauser (70L-71C-75L)
T19/+1 Ayaka Kaneko (69C-78L-70C), Adrienne White (71L-76C-70L), Sara Brown (72L-73C-72L), Paola Moreno (72L-74C-72L), Allison Fouch (71L-72C-74L), Jeehae Lee (71C-72L-74C)

T25/+2 Christel Boeljon (71C-76L-71C), Nannette Hill (73L-72C-73L), Katie Kempter (72C-72L-74C), Caroline Hedwall (71C-73L-74C), Shasta Averyhardt (70C-71L-77C)
T31/+3 Kimberly Kim (71C-78L-70C), Tiffany Joh (73C-75L-71C), Junko Nakada (73L-73C-73L), Harukyo Nomura [a] (76L-69C-74L), Amelia Lewis (72C-73L-74C)
T37/+4 Jennie Lee (77L-73C-70L), Jean Reynolds (73C-76L-71C), Jane Rah (74C-74L-72C), Cathryn Bristow (73C-72L-75C), Lisa Ferrero (74L-70C-76L)

T44/+5 Jodi Ewart (79C-73L-69C), Kim Welch (77L-73C-71L), Alison Walshe (71C-78L-72C), Mo Martin (74L-73C-74L), Angela Buzminski (70C-77L-74C), Jaclyn Sweeney (75L-71C-75L), Jennifer Johnson (71L-74C-76L)
T53/+6 Beth Bader (74L-75C-73L), Young-A Yang (71L-78C-73L), Sophia Sheridan (71C-78L-73C), Leah Wigger (75L-70C-77L)
T63/+8 Samantha Richdale (77L-72C-75L)
T69/+9 Jessica Shepley (74L-79C-72L), Becky Brewerton (76L-76C-73L), Ashleigh Simon (70C-82L-73C), Sydnee Michaels (74L-76C-75L), Hannah Jun (74L-74C-77L), Christi Cano (71L-76C-78L)

T76/+10 Lisa Strom (76C-77L-73C), Michelle Ellis (73L-78C-75L), Meredith Duncan (75L-73C-78L), Mallory Blackwelder (73L-75C-78L)
T82/+11 Yukari Nishiyama (75L-76C-76L)
T88/+13 Whitney Wade (80L-77C-72L)
T94/+14 Lucy Nunn (75C-77L-78C), Danielle Downey (77L-73C-80L)
T100/+15 Song Yi Choi (77L-78C-76L), Ryann O'Toole (76L-75C-80L)
T108/+17 Esther Choe (73C-83L-77C), Dorothy Delasin (76C-79L-78C)
T112/+19 Miriam Nagl (82C-77L-76C), Shayna Miyajima (73C-84L-78C), Briana Vega (78C-78L-79C)
T115/+20 Danielle McVeigh [a] (77C-81L-78C)
118th/+35 Kelli Kuehne (83C-86L-82C)

It'll take some Korda-esque rounds on the Legends course today to keep alive many players' hopes of getting their 2011 LPGA cards, while others will be looking to do what Pornanong Phatlum did on Thursday on the Champions course. Stay tuned!

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