Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Worldwide Women's Professional Golf Schedule: LPGA, JLPGA, LET

Now that the LPGA schedule has been officially released, here's what I know about the worldwide women's professional golf calendar in 2011 for the LPGA, JLPGA, and LET. For now, I'm keeping the KLPGA's 2010 information as is from last year's post, even though all I really know so far are the results of their 1st 2011 tournament, which like the men's European Tour's took place in 2010. I'll post an updated version of this list when I find out what exactly the KLPGA's and CLPGA's 2011 schedules look like.

Note: A [D] following a player's name indicates that she is the defending champion of an event that has not yet been played.


17-19: Hyundai China Ladies Open (KLPGA/CLPGA) HYE YOUN KIM


3-6: HANDA Women's Australian Open (LET) YA NI TSENG [D]

10-13: ANZ RACV Ladies Masters (LET) KARRIE WEBB [D]

17-20: Honda PTT LPGA Thailand (LPGA) AI MIYAZATO [D]; Pegasus New Zealand Women's Open (LET) LAURA DAVIES [D]

24-27: HSBC Women's Champions (LPGA) AI MIYAZATO [D]

MARCH 2011

4-6: Daikin Orchid Ladies Open (JLPGA) SUN JU AHN [D]

11-13: Yokohama Tire PRGR Ladies Cup (JLPGA) YUN JYE WEI [D]

18-20: RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup (LPGA) [new event]; T Points Ladies Open (JLPGA) RUI KITADA [D]

24-27: Kia Classic (LPGA) HEE KYUNG SEO [D]

31-4/3: Kraft Nabisco Championship (LPGA major) YA NI TSENG [D]; Lalla Meryem Cup (LET) ANJA MONKE [D]

APRIL 2011

1-3: Yamaha Ladies Open (JLPGA) MIHO KOGA [D]

7-9: Kim Young Joo Golf Ladies Open (KLPGA) BO MEE LEE [D]
8-10: Studio Alice Ladies Open (JLPGA) CHIE ARIMURA [D]

14-16: Lotte Mart Ladies Open J Golf Series (KLPGA) BO BAE KIM [D]
15-17: Nishijin Ladies Classic (JLPGA) INBEE PARK [D]

21-24: Tres Marias Championship (LPGA) AI MIYAZATO [D] [postponed until at least next year due to drug cartel violence]
22-24: Fujisankei Ladies Classic (JLPGA) MAYU HATTORI [D]

28-5/1: Avnet LPGA Classic (LPGA) SE RI PAK [D]
29-5/1: Cyber Agent Ladies Cup (JLPGA) JI-YAI SHIN [D]

MAY 2011

5-7: Rush & Cash Charity Classic (KLPGA) HYE YOUN KIM [D]
5-8: Salonpas Cup (JLPGA major) MORGAN PRESSEL [D]; Turkish Ladies Open (LET) MELISSA REID [D]

13-15: Fundokin Ladies (JLPGA) SAKURA YOKOMINE [D]; Taeyoung Cup Korean Women's Open (KLPGA major) SOO JIN YANG [D]

19-22: Sybase Match Play Championship (LPGA) SUN YOUNG YOO [D]; Doosan Match Play Championship (KLPGA) JUNG MIN LEE [D]; Unicredit Ladies German Open (LET) LAURA DAVIES [D]
20-22: Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open (JLPGA) YURI FUDOH [D]

26-29: Ladies Slovak Open (LET) MARIA HERNANDEZ [D]
27-29: Yonex Ladies (JLPGA) MI-JEONG JEON [D]

JUNE 2011

3-5: ShopRite LPGA Classic (LPGA) AI MIYAZATO [D]; Resort Trust Ladies Open (JLPGA) YOSHIMI KODA [D]; Woori Financial Ladies Championship (KLPGA) HYUN JOO LEE [D]; ABN AMRO Ladies Open (LET) FLORENTYNA PARKER [D]

9-11: S-OIL Champions Invitational (KLPGA) RAN HONG [D]
9-12: LPGA State Farm Classic (LPGA) CRISTIE KERR [D]; Suntory Ladies Open (JLPGA) AKANE IIJIMA [D]

16-19: Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open (LET) LEE-ANNE PACE [D]
17-19: Nichirei PGM Ladies (JLPGA) MI-JEONG JEON [D]

23-26: Wegmans LPGA Championship (LPGA major) CRISTIE KERR [D]
24-26: Ladies Open of Portugal (LET) KAREN LUNN [D]

JULY 2011

1-3: Nichi-Iko Ladies/JMA Engineering Women's Open (JLPGA) HYUN-JU SHIN [D]; Finnair Ladies Masters (LET) LEE-ANNE PACE [D]

7-10: U.S. Women's Open (LPGA major) PAULA CREAMER [D]
TBC: Open de Volcans (LET) [new event]

15-17: Stanley Ladies (JLPGA) SUN-JU AHN [D]
TBC: Tenerife Ladies Open (LET) TRISH JOHNSON [D]

21-24: Evian Masters (LPGA limited-field event/LET major) JI-YAI SHIN [D]

28-31: Ricoh Women's British Open (LPGA/LET major) YA NI TSENG [D]
30-8/1: SBS Tour Hidden Valley Ladies Open (KLPGA) SHIN AE AHN [D]


4-6: Lyle & Scott Ladies Open (KLPGA) YOON JI CHO [D]
4-7: Imperial Springs LPGA (LPGA) [new event]
5-7: Meiji Chocolate Cup (JLPGA) YURI FUDOH [D]; AIB Ladies Irish Open (LET) SOPHIE GUSTAFSON [D]

12-14: NEC Karuizawa 72 Ladies (JLPGA) JI-HEE LEE [D], High1 Resort Cup SBS Charity Ladies Open (KLPGA) SHIN AE AHN [D]

18-20: Aberdeen Ladies Scottish Open (LET) VIRGINIE LAGOUTTE-CLEMENT [D]
19-21: Safeway Classic (LPGA) AI MIYAZATO [D], CAT Ladies (JLPGA) AKIKO FUKUSHIMA [D]
19-22: Nefs Masterpiece (KLPGA) YOUNG-AE HAM [D]

25-28: CN Canadian Women's Open (LPGA) MICHELLE WIE [D]
26-28: Nitori Ladies Cup (JLPGA) NOBUKO KIZAWA [D]; LIG Ladies Open (KLPGA) HEE KYUNG BAE [D]
potential: S4C Wales Ladies Championship of Europe (LET) LEE-ANNE PACE [D]


2-4: Golf5 Ladies (JLPGA) AKANE IIJIMA [D]; Hyundai/Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Open (KLPGA) JEONG EUN LEE 5 [D]; UNIQA Ladies Golf Open (LET) LAURA DAVIES [D]

8-11: Konica Minolta Cup (JLPGA major) SAIKI FUJITA [D]; Prague Golf Masters (LET) [new event]
9-11: Walmart NW Arkansas Championship (LPGA) YA NI TSENG [D]; Daewoo Securities Ladies Open (KLPGA) BO MEE LEE [D]

15-18: Navistar LPGA Classic (LPGA) KATHERINE HULL [D]; KLPGA Championship (KLPGA major) JI-YAI SHIN [D], Open de Espana Femenino (LET) LAURA DAVIES [D]
16-18: Munsingwear Ladies Tokai Classic (JLPGA) MI-JEONG JEON [D]

23-25: Solheim Cup (LPGA/LET team competition); Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open (JLPGA) EUN-A LIM [D]

29-10/2: Japan Women's Open (JLPGA major) MIKA MIYAZATO [D]; Open de France Feminin (LET) TRISH JOHNSON [D]


6-9: LPGA Hana Bank Championship (LPGA/KLPGA) NA YEON CHOI [D]
7-9: Sankyo Ladies Open (JLPGA) SUN-JU AHN [D]; Himart Ladies Open J Golf Series (KLPGA) SOO JIN YANG [D]

14-16: Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia (LPGA) JIMIN KANG [D]; Fujitsu Ladies (JLPGA) SUN-JU AHN [D]
14-17: Hite Cup Championship (KLPGA major) SOO HWA JANG [D]

20-23: LPGA Taiwan Championship (LPGA) [new event]
21-23: Masters GC Ladies (JLPGA) SAKURA YOKOMINE [D]
21-24: KB Star Tour Grand Final (KLPGA major) BO MEE LEE [D]
TBC: Sanya Ladies Open (LET) LEE-ANNE PACE [D]

28-30: Hisako Higuchi Morisaga Weider Ladies (JLPGA) RIKAKO MORITA [D]
29-31: Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open (LET) LEE-ANNE PACE [D]


4-6: Mizuno Classic (LPGA/JLPGA) JI-YAI SHIN [D]; KLPGA-LET Daishin Securities-Tomato Tour Korean Ladies Masters (KLPGA/LET) HYUN-JI KIM [D]

10-13: Lorena Ochoa Invitational (LPGA) IN-KYUNG KIM [D]
11-13: Ito-En Ladies (JLPGA) MIKI SAIKI [D]
TBC: Hero Honda Women's Indian Open (LET) LAURA DAVIES [D]

17-20: Titleholders (LPGA) MARIA HJORTH [D]
18-20: Daio Paper ElleAir Ladies (JLPGA) NA-RI KIM [D], ADT CAPS Championship (KLPGA) AE RI PYUN [D]

24-27: Ricoh Cup (JLPGA major) INBEE PARK [D]


3-4: Pinx Cup (KLPGA/JLPGA team competition) [cancelled 2010]

14-17: Omega Dubai Ladies Masters (LET) IBEN TINNING [D]


I'll add in information about the various tours' Q-Schools when I find it.


Unknown said...

Hey Mate - you may wanna add the Ladies Asian Tour which starts up this week for a three week stretch in Taiwan for your worldwide Schedule..

Sakura Yokomine is playing this week and Ya-ni Tseng is playing the following two weeks.

Below is the link

The Constructivist said...

Thanks, man, I've always considered them a minor league tour, akin to the LPGA's Futures Tour and the JLPGA's Step-Up Tour, but that may be unfair. If I add them in, I'd have to add the ALPG, as well, eh?

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