Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Get the 2011 LPGA Prognostication Derby Started!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I still haven't found the time to score rjay's, Hound Dog's, Verdant Garden's, Bill Jempty's and my predictions from last year's LPGA Prognostication Derby, much less do the kind of elementary-school-level number-crunching on the rookie classes of 2006 through 2011 that helps me prepare my top 30 picks for this year's competition, so I'm breaking a Mostly Harmless tradition and not putting them out there today. But I can invite everyone who reads this to put together their LPGA top 30 predictions for 2011 and post them either in a comment to this post, on the thread I started at Seoul, as a fanshot or fanpost at Hound Dog LPGA, or on your own website or blog (just drop me a line at the email address in my profile to let me know you've done so). Thanks, everyone, and good luck!

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