Friday, December 16, 2011

Editor's Note: A profile of Yani Tseng appears on pg. 74.

Man, those editors at Golf Magazine are quick with the comebacks!  After LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan politely but resolutely roasted their ridiculous decision to name Rory McIlroy their Player of the Year instead of everyone's obvious choice, Ya Ni Tseng, they responded with the bon mot that I took for my title.

I can come up with several ways of slicing the tone of that little note.  What do you got?

  • Move-it-along-nothing-to-see-here just-the-facts blaseness:  "[Whistling casually] Thank you for your letter.  Can we interest you in our table of contents?" 
  • Embarrassed defensiveness: "Hey, we screwed up, we know, but at least we mentioned her in this issue, right? Right? Come on, you guys, stop being so harsh on us!  ....Please?"
  • Brazen arrogance: "Yeah, Ya Ni had a pretty good year.  Not a Player of the Year year.  A pg. 74 year.  Siddown and shaddup, Commish!"

I'm leaning toward the last reading, given that the one line from the letter they chose to blow up in a graphic--"Yani certainly doesn't need me--or anyone else--to validate her position"--seems to suggest that Whan didn't need to write the letter and they didn't need to award her the POY.

Nicely done, editors of Golf Magazine.  Well played!

[Update 1 (12/19/11, 4:30 pm):  Armchair Golf has picked up this story; instead of focusing on the editors' anemic response, Neil summarizes Whan's letter and adds in telling supporting evidence that Whan didn't cite (like the fact that 96% of those Golf Magazine polled on Facebook thought Ya Ni should be POY!).]

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