Friday, January 13, 2012

Check Out Who's Playing in the LET's Final Qualifying Tournament

The LET's Q-School enters its final stage this coming Sunday and a host of former or current LPGAers, along with many Futures Tour, SunCoast Series, and Cactus Tour regulars, are entered in the Final Qualifying Tournament, which also includes those who made it into the top 35 (and ties) from Group A and Group B in the Pre-Qualifying Tournament that concluded earlier this week. 

Here's an alphabetical list:

Dori Carter (#97 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Esther Choe (Group A medallist)
Carlota Ciganda (#257 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Valentine Derrey (#158 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Kendall Dye
Jodi Ewart (#101 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Meaghan Francella (#98 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Benedikte Grotvedt
Stefanie Kenoyer
Caroline Larsson
Jennie Lee (#95 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Camila Lennarth
Amelia Lewis (#139 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Miriam Nagl
Whitney Neuhauser
Garrett Phillips
Dawn Shockley
Karin Sjodin (#114 on LPGA Priority Status List)
Alison Whitaker
Jessica Yadloczky
Heather Bowie Young (#70 on LPGA Priority Status List)

Looks like the youngsters are looking to pursue the Caroline Hedwall track, Francella and Sjodin the Julieta Granada track, and Young the rare veteran game-revival track via dual LPGA-LET membership!  Let's see who gets full membership, who gets partial membership, and who gets nothing....


Awsi Dooger said...

I'm surprised at a couple of former LPGA names who are not there -- Sara Brown and Kim Welch. Both had LET status this season and did not finish in the top 80 to maintain high priority for 2012. Sara was in the 81-90 range so she would be able to get into some events but Kim was far back. I have a feeling Kim may give up on the LET after two seasons of struggles far from home. She may be back on the Futures Tour and attempt Monday LPGA qualifiers.

diane said...

Dawn Shockley surprises me. She was my pro in this year's Pro-Am at our local Futures Tour event. At the time she was second or third on the money list. I watched her hit some incredible shots that day. After two rounds of the tournament she was only a shot or two back and in the final group on Sunday with Lisa Ferrero, the eventual winner. Dawn had a miserable round. I saw her for a few minutes afterward, she was thoroughly distressed. The remainder of her season was awful. She has a lot of game. Maybe the change of scenery will help.

The previous year's pro was Angela Buzminski, who was in the hunt at the beginning of the day Sunday. She tanked as well.

I guess what this means is I should refrain from Pro-Am participation.

The Constructivist said...

Thanks for the observations, y'all! So many talented golfers out there--the bar just keeps rising!