Sunday, January 22, 2012

Come One, Come All: Now Accepting Entries for the 2012 LPGA Prognostication Derby

A growing group of us have been playing a little game over here at Mostly Harmless for each of the last several years, a contest to see who's best at predicting the top 30 golfers on the LPGA at the end of each season, christened by Hound Dog the LPGA Prognostication Derby.  Check out the links in the previous sentence for rules and results from 2008, 2009, and 2010, which Mulligan Stu, Hound Dog, and rjay won, respectively.  I was hoping to have the 2011 results ready to announce today, but what with the start of my spring 2012 semester coming up tomorrow, my hoping against hope that Hound Dog will release his final 2011 LPGA rankings soon, and my kids discovering Power Pack (a comic I collected for about 30 issues in the mid-'80s) this weekend, I'm not going to be ready tonight.

So while you wait (hold that bated breath thing--this may take awhile!), I'm thinking that it's about time I put out a 1st call for entries for 2012.  All you have to do is compile a list of the 30 LPGA members you think have the best chance of garnering Player of the Year honors this season, ranked from most likely at #1 to least likely at #30 (least likely among your very elite group of picks, that is).  Then submit your list by posting it on your own blog, or as a comment to this post, or as a fan post at Hound Dog LPGA, or simply by sending it in an email to me (see my blogger profile for my coordinates).

Good luck to all of last year's and this year's participants!

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