Monday, January 30, 2012

Way to Go, Lydia Ko!

Lots going on here at the Constructivist household:  not long after the Full Metal Archivist and I got back to work (the FMA for the 1st time in quite a while), she had to go to the ER to be treated for vertigo last Saturday!  She's already walking unaided just 2 mornings after that visit, but nowhere near where she was 3 mornings ago.  Before we head out to our doctor's office, though, I just had to take a minute to offer my congratulations to 14-year-old Lydia Ko, who won decisively on the ALPG yesterday.  Not only did she get to -14 in the 54-hole tournament to beat Becky Morgan by 4 shots, Lindsey Wright and Kristie Smith by 5, and Katherine Hull by 6, she took down the likes of Gwladys Nocera by 7, Marianne Skarpnord by 12, Melissa Reid by 13, Laura Davies and Jessica Korda by 14, Ashleigh Simon by 16, and Lorie Kane by 17!

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