Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who Are Your Picks for the Wegmans LPGA Championship?

Here are mine from this week's PakPicker competition at Seoul

1. Miyazato Ai
2. Miyazato Mika
3. Creamer
4. Kerr
5. Webb
6. Feng
7. Lewis, Stacy
8. Park Inbee
9. Pettersen
10. Shin Ji-Yai
11. Kim In-Kyung
12. Arimura

Alts: Pak Se Ri, Ryu, Choi Na Yeon

Morgan Pressel and Jeong Jang have great records at Locust Hill, but I couldn't bring myself to put them in my top 15 this year, nor could I include more than my top 3 players without a major (plus Chie Arimura) coming into this week!

How about you?

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