Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Going Back to Pittsford, Pittsford, Pittsford

Yup, the Constructivist Family is going back to Pittsford--this time for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill.  My brother, who works in the golf industry, scored us some tickets for the Wednesday practice round and for Friday, which will be a big family reunion, as well.  The girls are going to get to ride another shuttle bus, I'm going to be able to compare Oak Hill and Locust Hill, the PGA Championship and the LPGA Championship, and we're all going to try to find Ryo Ishikawa and/or Hideki Matsuyama tomorrow, not to mention Tiger, Phil, Adam, Luke, Lee, Rickie, Jason....

Last time this particular major was at Oak Hill, I got to follow Shigeki Maruyama and later Tiger Woods for several holes on Sunday, walked right by Elin (who was sitting in a golf cart all by herself off the 18th fairway), and got to see Shaun Micheel's clinching approach shot leave the clubface (if not hit the green; I was too far away).

This time, I'm curious to see how onechan and imoto and the Full Metal Archivist respond to a men's tournament.  It's their 1st!

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