Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recommended Reading: Solheim Cup Day 1 Round-Up

Golfweek breaks down Day 1 at the Solheim Cup for us, shot by shot.  Julie Williams condenses Day 1 into 5 Things.  Beth Ann Baldry calls Kerr-Wie a match made in heaven.

Golf Channel summarizes each match.  Randall Mell tells the story of the morning and the day, while Jay Coffin expands on the tale of Jessica Korda's 1st-hole nerves. GC has a host of short articles and video highlights to browse, as well.

Steve DiMeglio ably sums things up for USA Today, while Brent Kelley does the same for and Stephanie Wei weighs in on the morning and afternoon matches.

[Update 1 (5:33 am):  Here's a lucid overview from Ruthless Mike!]

[Update 2 (5:40 am):  Another good summary from Bill Rand.]

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