Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recommended Reading: Solheim Cup Reactions

Spent a little time tonight catching up on Solheim Cup writings from around the golfoblogosphere.  Here are the best of the bunch:

  • Brent Kelley sums it all up.
  • bangkokbobby salutes Team USA's effort with loads of photos and video.
  • Bill Rand ably dissects Team Euro's dismantling of Team USA.
  • Jeff Skinner documents the disappointing results from Team USA's best players (and calls the Americans out for bad sportswomanship). [cough, curmudgeon.]
  • John Strege asks what's next for U.S. women's golf now that both Asians and Europeans have pit together dominating their best players.  [I don't know--try, try again?]
  • Geoff Shackelford has a great clippings post with some spot-on observations of his own. [Wish he'd get this excited about women's golf year-round.]

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