Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Picks for the Meijer LPGA Classic

With the LPGA and JLPGA taking a week off and no wi fi here in Austin, I've pretty much stayed off the internet the past week, except to help my buddy learn the lay of the land.  Lots to report--my handicap index stayed low enough for me to play in the qualifier for the Mid-Amateur Championship next Friday, I got to play twice with my friend's brother-in-law (who's an awesome golfer) and even played well in stretches, and my friend and I did much more than move and unpack boxes of he and his wife's stuff--but I only have time now to predict who's going to play well at the inaugural Meijer LPGA Classic.  From what little I could find out about Blythefield Country Club, it's more of a traditional, tree-lined course that is designed to reward accuracy above all.  So of everyone in the field this week, here are my picks:

1. Park Inbee
2. Nordqvist
3. Ko
4. Lewis, Stacy
5. Kerr
6. Feng Shanshan
7. Munoz
8. Creamer
9. Pettersen
10. Martin
11. Wie
12. Yang

Alts: Lee Meena; Phatlum; Miyazato Ai

Well, those are my best guesses.  How about yours?


Anonymous said...

Did you make it to Salt Lick? Hope you didn't stand in line at Franklin BBQ. Some people swear by Rudy's. Did you play in Austin or go down the road to San Antonio?

sports medic

Colin N.Z said...

Some interviews and photo's of the Meijer LPGA Classic can be found here.

The Constructivist said...

Ate at Salt Lick: loved it!

Did go to San Antonio one day: had worst Mexican food ever on Riverwalk. Made up for it by having worst sushi ever on 6th St. in Austin.

More coming!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to Salt Lick. Great place for a self-induced meat coma. Did you get the All you can eat family style or a la carte?

Seldom eat down on the Riverwalk except Boudro's, Little Rhine Steakhouse and County Line BBQ. There are a few good Mexican restaurants near Riverwalk but I can't think of one on Riverwalk.

There are many nice golf courses in SA but I am partial to the muni "Old Brack." near downtown. It's really nice since the renovation. You can play it real cheap with an Alamo Golf Trail Membership.

sports medic

The Constructivist said...

Did the family all you can eat (my buddy's folks took us out)--we barely got onto the 2nd plate and they let us take the rest of it home with us!

I'll pass the advice along to my buddy, SM!

I played Morris Williams (renovated muni in very good shape) and Onion Creek (flooded very badly last Halloween and still recovering). Except for a few bad holes, I played very solid golf and even started getting off the tee a little better. All that roll really helped me, and my short game was surprisingly sharp for having to adjust to bermuda rough and greens. Loved the spin I could get off the fairways, too--when I was on them, that is.