Monday, August 11, 2014

Rory and Ji-Yai Rose to the Occasion; Inbee and Suzann Couldn't

Heading out to Rochester after my union retreat in Albany is over to scout out Monroe Golf Club and see who I can follow, but I couldn't help thinking aloud about the way in which Rory McIlroy and Ji-Yai Shin rose to the occasion on their respective tours, while Inbee Park and Suzann Pettersen couldn't block rookie Mirim Lee from getting her 1st career win on the LPGA.

Let's face it:  Rory's win was epic in every way.  Seemed even Thor was sending him some lightning bolts in honor of his play by the time they finished the final round in near-darkness!  Ji-Yai did what she had to do against a former LPGAer whose career never took off in the States like Shin's did.  But the epic battle that could have happened between Inbee and Suzann just never materialized.  Suzann was +2 over her final 13 holes, while Inbee was +1 over her last 15 holes.

It's crazy what a fine line separates a truly great performance from the "coulda woulda shoulda" chorus line!  At least Inbee and Suzann are in some fantastic company, as I don't think there's enough room on the internet to list all the guys who are wondering what mightabeen yesterday at Valhalla!

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