Monday, August 18, 2014

What a Week!

Anyone following me on twitter knows that I happened to be at my favorite Korean restaurant in Western New York last night when the repeat winner of the Wegmans LPGA Championship happened to drop by.  Smooth as always in the presence of greatness, I stammered out a quiet "Congratulations, Inbee," as she walked by.  She took the time to thank me.  And that was that.

It's sad to think that nobody knows when the LPGA will return to Rochester.  I was so busy chasing golfers yesterday that the only player I got to interview was Mina Harigae, and then only for a couple of minutes after her most frustrating round of the week.  So to all the players I've followed, or interviewed, and sometimes even gotten to know a bit over the last several years in Pittsford--particularly Ai Miyazato, Mika Miyazato, Moira Dunn, Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Tiffany Joh, Danielle Kang, Lizette Salas, Jane Park, Jennifer Song, Na Yeon Choi, In-Kyung Kim, Amy Yang, Momoko Ueda, Chie Arimura, Ayako Uehara, and Harukyo Nomura--thanks for everything you do!  And hope to see you competing in Rochester again soon!


Anonymous said...

It seems like the business hardest hit by the end of the Wegman's is this Korean restaurant. It seems like everyone goes there almost every day of the tournament. Hope the tournament returns. I think the tournament can make a another go at it as a non-major. The players and the fans really connect at this event. You can knock $500K of the purse and the top players will still come if you host a good event like they obviously do. Still good open dates on the calendar.

Unfortunately the choices for Korean food in San Antonio are limited. Much easier to find good BBQ. Usually have to wait until I go to Houston if we don't make it ourselves.

sports medic

Dan said...

Ya, I want the LPGA back in Rochester, too. It was fun going to those matches.

The Constructivist said...

SM, you'd think American and Korean BBQ culture would overlap nicely, but I saw way way way more Japanese places than Korean in Austin. My El Paso buddy (now in Austin) chalks it up to people being very particular about their own favorite (regional) BBQ....

Anonymous said...

Your northern roots are showing. Korean BBQ, as delicious as it is, is not classified as BBQ, which is low and slow. Southerners would call it grilling.

Have not found a really good Korean restaurant in Austin yet either. There's a decent one at the Chinatown plaza nothing special. When I go to Houston then I'll even forgo the brisket breakfast tacos so I can eat Korean for lunch and dinner. Then get some fresh fish and prawns at the Super H Mart to make seafood soup the next day.

BTW different pairings at the Canadian Pacific than at most other events. They kind of spread the top players out. I guess Ko, Munoz, and Thompson is the marque pairing at 12:54.

sports medic