Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Makes Me Proud

Onechan, a 1st-grader, is trying to read a 50-page "Step 3" illustrated story based on The Incredibles--which we've been watching every other day for the last few weeks (not to mention watching the awesome short "Jack-Jack Attack" much more often!). Guess which words and phrases she's been having no problem reading on her own....

"bad guy"
"ran for our lives"
"his own robot"
"after us"
"Syndrome's guards"
"in trouble"
"pretend to be normal"
"not a real Super"
"slipped into her force field"
"super speed"
"she set us free too"
"with his remote control"
"We got there just in time"
"turned into a fireball"
"Super-strong little monster"
"We have the best family!"
"save the day"

Oh, and guess who's going trick-or-treating as Violet?

All I can say is, there's hope for that girl yet!


courtgolf said...

I don't know what the Step 3 thing is, but I LOVE that movie !!

Did you take her to see Dispicable Me, too ?

courtgolf said...

Wait...if she goes as will you know where she is ? :-)

good job with the reading lil' oney.

The Constructivist said...

She's been practicing her invisibility, but so far it just involves pulling her sleeves over her hands....

Ah, she's still a little too scared of/excited by certain kinds of scenes to risk taking her to a movie theater just yet. She needs to be able to run into another room! So more waiting for things to come out on DVD for this family....