Friday, March 22, 2013

Stacy's #1 and Jane Park's on Top at the Kia!

Congrats to new world #1 Stacy Lewis and pole position player heading into round 2 of the Kia Classic Jane Park!  They've got a lot of bogeys on their tails (in the flying ace sense, hopefully not the golf sense), but I have no time to enjoy the air show, as I'm still swamped with work heading into spring break.  Be back when I can!  Until then, enjoy Jane Park's (and everyone else's) interview!

And, no, I still haven't recovered from Ai Miyazato's wedge approach on 16 last Sunday that cost her the RR Donnelley.  (In fact, I was suffering that day in London, Ontario, while we tried to enjoy the gala performance at the World Figure Skating Championships, on which more later.  I had a bad stomach bug and fever, but The Full Metal Archivist took the wheel and I napped in the family play area and we all were able to get in and watch some amazing and entertaining skating.  Still feeling the aftereffects of that illness, but at least my weight has dropped to its lowest in 20 years....)

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