Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Little Worm from Kansas

So Sparkychan and Gojochan were zipping along in cyberspace, having a wonderful time playing and messing around on their way back to America.

in school.jpg

When all of a sudden, Gojochan cries out "There it is, the worm! the worm!, Onechan's dad's computer's little worm!"

"Where is it? I wanna' see," said Sparkychan.

"It's right there in the middle, see, it's orange."


"You mean, that thing," says Gojochan. "That's not a worm. It's a shrimp."

"Is not, it's a worm."





"Cut it out you two! Stop that silly argument," said the creature:


"I'm not a worm, I'm not a shrimp. I'm a worm-a-shrimp-a-ramadama-dingdong-o-saurus."

Sparkychan, "Oh."

Gojochan, "Oh."

"And I'm from Kansas."

"Gee, you look so happy," said Sparkychan.

"And wavey."

* * * * *

Bye bye Onechan, see you next time. Can you guess the name of the worm-a-shrimp-a-ramadama-dingdong-o-saurus?

Bonus points: Who was it who said "A wormashrimparamadamadingdongosaurus! A wormashrimparamadamadingdongosaurus! My kingdom for a wormashrimparamadamadingdongosaurus." Was it:

a) Usagi Baggins.
b) Hilbert Hoggins.
c) Akira Takoyaki.


The Constructivist said...

Looks like Octi from Powerpuff Girls to me (Bubbles's toy)--Orenji Octi?

The Constructivist said...

Onechan has a name:


bill benzon said...

But can she pronounce the magic word, "wormashrimparamadamdingdongosaurus"? It goes well with the melody of that pesky Macarena song frm a few years ago.