Friday, August 3, 2007

Onechan Tells a Story

Dear Onechan,

Sparkychan and Gojochan just sent me a bunch of pictures they took while visiting Stranger Land in cyberspace. But they didn't tell me much about what happened. They said "Onechan will tell you all about it." So here the pictures are, Onechan. What's going on?

What's Gojochan doing here?

all along the watchtower.jpg

Why's Sparkychan sitting alone? What's Sparkychan looking at?

the innocent eye.jpg

Are they on an old log? What're they talking about?

on a log.jpg

Where are they going? Why's Sparkychan riding Gojochan?

strangers in a strange land.jpg

Is that an Astro Projection Wagon they're on?

ride the ramschackle express.jpg

Look out! Wheeeee!

mad dash.jpg

There they go. But where?

surfing the web.jpg

Thanks for all your help, Onechan.

Uncle Bill


The Constructivist said...

first picture:

onichan (oldest cousin): Gojira! Gorilla!

me: nande? [why?)]

onichan and onechan (laughing):

onichan: Gojira! Doshte! Stantonton.

me: huh?

onichan: Gojira-san!

me: what's she doing up there?

onechan: she'

me: what? tree? kitty?

onechan: yeah, kitty!

me: neko-chan, doko-ga desuka?

onichan: ne-ko-cha-tsu...

me: ??

onichan: netsu...

me: oops, lunch time!

bill benzon said...

I can see this is going to take awhile.

The Constructivist said...

OK, finally got onechan to sit down and look at this one again. Then she wanted to see them all. Not bad! She even typed in a comment for me today. Here's my recap of our conversations on this one.

onechan: where's onechan? where's onechan in the picture?

me: she's not in the picture.

o: where's imoto?

me: she's not in it, either. why is sparkychan alone?

o: That's why...gojochan is ohana.

me [thinking nose? flower?]: ohana?

o: flower.

me: oh, gojochan got turned into a flower?

o: yeah

me: where is she? is she in the picture?

o: no

me: what are they sitting on?

onechan: ki. sitting on a tree.

me: what are they talking about?

o: that.

me: what they're looking at? the picture?

o: yeah.

#4 [this one provoked the most laughter each time she arrowed up or down to see it]

onechan [laughing]: Gojochan holding Sparkychan! Funny!

me: why is Gojochan doing that?

o: she's strong! (repeated 5x) [later] why is she [sparkychan] scared to walk? she's scared a little like me.

me: you get scared to walk? what makes you scared?

o: [no answer]

onechan: It's Fukuoka! It's apartment!

onechan: why she...why is Gojochan not walking? [repeats]

me: I don't know.

o: that's why...she wants to work in her apartment!

bill benzon said...

Hmmmm . . . . Scared to walk. Apartment in Fukuoka, eh!

But you can enjoy the Power Puff Girls everywhere.