Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sparkychan & Gojochan Adventure Time Mystery Theatre

So, there they were, Sparkychan and Gojochan, two friends, cavorting in the woods. See, here they are cavorting:

X climbing.jpg

And then they decided to have some tea. Do you know why? Because anytime is a good time to have tea time. That's why.

X stroll.jpg

"Boy, that tea sure was scrumptious and delicious, Sparkychan. What should we do now?"

"I don't know, Gojochan. I wonder what Onechan and Imoto are doing."

"Me too. Do you think they're watching cartoons?"

"Yay, that's what we'll do, Gojochan. We'll watch some cartoons."

"PowerPuff Girls, PowerPuff Girls, we're gonna' watch the PowerPuff Girls."



"Hey! Octo looks like the wormasrhrimparamadamadingdongosaurus doesn't it, Sparkychan?"


And then they watched one of Uncle Bill's favorites, Fantasia. See the winter fairies skating on the ice:


And here's one of the bestest scenes:

winter scene.jpg

"Look at all the snow flakes, Sparkychan."

"Yeah, they're pretty, Gojochan. But what's that big stringy thing?"

"Hmmm . . . Could it be a hair brush?"

"I don't think so. It's too funny shaped to be a hair brush."

"And what would a hair brush be doing out in the snow."

"I know what it is, Gojo."

"What, Sparky?"

"It's a tippy end branch from a pine tree."

"Yeah, up real close. I see. And those are pine needles" – says Gojochan while pointing at all the needles.

"It sorta' reminds me of winter in Japan, Gojo."


"Let's have some more tea."

"And cartoons!"

So they watched My Neighbor Totoro:

sparky mei and gojo.jpg

Here they are exercising along with Mei and Satsuki:

together now.jpg

And so they finished watching the movie, which they liked alot, especially the Catbus. And then you know what they did?

Of course, they had some tea. And while they were drinking their tea, something scary and terrible happened to them. So get prepared for a mystery.

[Onechan and Imoto getting prepared.]

A big monster came out of the sky and scooped them up and took them away. Here's the monster:


Actually, it's sorta' pretty. All glowly and stuff. But don't let that fool you. This is a meanie monster. But you'll have to figure out the name for yourself because I'm too scared to think about it.

And you know what that meanie monster did? It stuffed Sparkychan and Gojochan into a box:


"What are we going to do, Sparky?"

"Let's try to escape. I'll climb up on your shoulders, OK, Gojo?"

"Let's do it!"

escape attempt.jpg

But you know what happened then, Onechan? This is what happened:


"Ow, that hurts!" said Sparkychan.

But the meanie didn't stop. The meanie closed the box on Sparkychan and Gojochan. Now isn't that mean? They're all scrunched up in the box.

And then you know what the meanie did? The meanie put the box in a spaceship and sent Sparkychan and Gojochan to another galaxy far far away:

spaceship gojo.jpg

Isn't that the coolest spaceship ever, all funky and blue? And all that pretty yellow space dust! with the red sparkles! Wow!

Whoops! I forgot. This is a scary mystery about Sparkychan and Gojochan.

What about Sparkychan and Gojochan inside the box inside the spaceship? What's going to happen to them? Are they ever going to get back to America? Will they ever get to eat ice cream with Onechan and Imoto?

So many questions, so many mysteries.


The Constructivist said...

I talked it over with onechan this morning, and she thinks that the space bus went to Hikari from Pretty Cure Max Heart. She got together with the Powerpuff Girls and rescued Gojochan and Sparkychan. Then Pretty Cure 5 came by and suggested they use the box teleport to America using Fed Ex Technology. (Onechan loves spotting Fed Ex Trucks.) So Gojochan and Sparkychan are ok!

First Gojo and Sparky went to Pretty Cure's winter retreat in America and hung out for awhile, relaxing with the Splash Star girls. Then, they went to Pretty Cure's summer place in Hokkaido (Onechan has always wanted to go to Hokkaido because it's on the Japan map in our bathtub.)

Now onechan's going to type.

Next they visited the gekiranger team in Tokyo and had gelato.

Then they got in the box again...

The Constructivist said...

And came to Dunkirk!

And there was much rejoicing! More than ten minutes' worth and counting. Key refrains include:

"They comed to us! Why did they come?"

"They're not talking. It's pretend!"

"The kyoryu (dino toy outside) is Gojochan's tomodachi (friend)!"

As I'm typing this, she's telling her mom about it in Japanese. Then she brought Sparkychan to watch me type. Then she went back to telling her mom more in Japanese!

Onechan has already decided that Sparkychan is hers and Gojochan is imoto's.

The celebrations continue! Imoto keeps saying "Go!!!"

The Constructivist said...

"Tie-dye Hana Kuma is pink. I like pink!"

"Chotto shiroi (white) Gojochan is!"

"Why don't they talk?"

At first both girls were afraid to touch Gojochan but imoto started carrying her around and says "itai" when onechan takes her away from her. It's truly an all-purpose word!

bill benzon said...


I love the white tips of Gojochan's whatever they are. And the yellow claws-nails.

Glad they're finding out that Gojochan isn't so fierce.