Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Twas brillig

Dear Onechan,

I hope you and Imoto are doing OK with all the traveling you're doing.

We had fun the other day with the wormashrimparamadamadingdongosaurus. His name is Felix Gumpers. Isn't that a funny name? Gumpers. But Felix means "happy." And he was very happy, and wavy too.

He told us where to go to a playground, the Cyberspace Fun-o-Rama. Here we are at the climbing mountain:


I think Gojochan was just a little scared because it was so steep. But I cheered her on and she made it: Go Go Gojochan! See:

on top.jpg

Then we did some more climbing:


And then we went on the slide. Gojochan went first. When I got to the bottom I was a little scared:


But Gojochan caught me and I was OK. It was a lot of fun.

You know what we did then? We found a nice place to sit down and have a cup of tea and have a nice chat.


We talked about lots of things. Like shoes, red shoes, from Kansas! And ships, big ships. And sealing wax. What? You don't know what sealing wax is? I don't know either. But Gojochan and I talked about it. Nothing like a nice chat over tea.

And then we took a nap.




The Constructivist said...

Back in the States and about the third thing we did on my dad's laptop was to check in on Sparkychan and Gojochan. Onechan and imoto loved the letter and fully endorse the nap policy when/after travelling. Only thing left to do now is get their naps and the sleeping times reversed.... Oh, and all that moving-back-in stuff!

bill benzon said...

Ah, the power of a good story. Put's 'em to sleep.