Monday, December 17, 2007

Free Fall

Episode 3 of 2001 Redux: A Toy Odyssey

sitting on the nose.jpg

In the last episode Kongsan and Jumpsan had gone into space to investigate the Green Box over Citytown. At the end they were watching the mysterious box change colors.

infant-stars & box large freaky 4 glow.jpg

“Hey, look,” said Jump, “now it’s beginning to twist and spin.”

“It sure is,” said Kong. “I wonder what it’s up to.”

infant-stars & hot box spin 1.jpg

“Now it’s changing color, again,” said Jump.

“Yeah, it’s blue and purple.”

infant-stars & hot box spin 2.jpg

“And it’s spinning faster and faster. It doesn’t look like a box at all.”

“No, it’s all twirly and swirly,” said Kong.

“And whirly too! And now it’s green!”

infant-stars & hot box spin 3.jpg

“I wonder if it’s going to do all the colors of the rainbow?” asked Jump.

“I don’t know,” said Kong, “but it’s going faster and faster and faster and now it’s yellow.”

infant-stars & hot box spin 4.jpg

“Wow, this sure is interesting. I wonder what’s going to happen next?”

No sooner did Jumpsan ask the question, than a mysterious force began to draw her and Kong out of their spaceship and into deepest space. The deepest and coldest space ever! Brrrrrr!

infant-stars & hot box spin 5.jpg

“What’s going on?” asked Kong. “What’s happening to us?”

“I don’t know, but it sure is scary,” said Jumper. And Jumper was right. It was scary. And now they began to spin too.

infant-stars & hot box spin 6.jpg

And so Jumpsan and Kong began spinning and tumbling in space. Down and down and around and around and over and under and sideways, glideways, rideways, always. All ways they went, tumble tumble tumble.

tumble rumble.jpg

They kept falling and falling. They were both scared. Their hearts were beating thumpa thumpa thumpa thump thump thump, thumpa thumpa thumpa thump thump thump, thumpa thumpa thumpa thump thump thump . . . But they didn’t give up. They thought about each other and all their friends and they even thought about Coco and Nila, the brave little girls who saved Gojochan and Sparkychan. Pretty soon they saw a strange planet.

down down down.jpg

And still, they kept falling. “It’s a pretty planet,” thought Kong. “It’s a pretty planet,” thought Jump. And still they fell. And then they got separated. Kong couldn’t see Jumper, and Jumper couldn’t see Kong.

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! Pretty soon Kong heard a little voice: “Kong, this is Nila, friend of Gojochan and Sparkychan. Be brave and you’ll be OK.”

So Kong was brave and he kept falling. It was scary. But it was good, too. It felt all light and tingly.

kong falls.jpg

Oh me! Oh my! Oh me! Oh my! Jumper heard a little voice at the very same time: “Kong, this is Coco, friend of Gojochan and Sparkychan. Be brave and you’ll be OK.”

And Jumper was brave, very brave. It was scary. But it was good and tingly too.

jumpsan falls.jpg

And pretty soon Jumpsan landed in the woods near a patch of berries.

jump lands.jpg

“Hmmm, I feel OK. Two legs, two arms, yes, got those,” said Jump as she counted her arms and legs. “Got my tail, got my eyes, got my nose and ears and mouth and tummy and . . . I got everything. I’m OK. But where’s Kong? I hope he’s OK.”

Pretty soon Kong landed in the woods on a green leafy plant.

kong lands.jpg

Plop! Just so, it was a soft landing. “Got my legs, and arms, and toes and nose.” Said Kong. “Got my tummy and my eyes and my ears and my tail and . . . . I got everything. I’m OK. But where’s Jumper? I hope she’s OK.”

And so there they were, Jumper and Kong, on a strange planet. Both were OK. They listened to Coco and Nila and were brave. But they were also lost. Kong didn’t know where Jumper was, and Jumper didn’t know where Kong was. How would they find each other?


The Constructivist said...

onechan says, "i liked the story!"

she typed that! she was cracking up the whole time.

The Constructivist said...

during the story, that is!

Bill Benzon said...

Cracking up? You mean like Kong and Jumper almost did?

The Constructivist said...

Me: What does Dora do when she's lost?

Onechan: She's calls Boots. She calls Boots for help.

Me: When Dora and Boots are together, how do they stop being lost? Who else do they ask for help?

O: Map!

Me: Ah! The Map in Dora's backpack!

O: [nods head] Daddy, I want to stamp. I want to do ponies, too.

Me: Birthday stuff calls, we gotta go!

Bill Benzon said...

ya mean i gotta produce a map for kong and jumper? hmmmm . . . . but it's going to be a special magical map

The Constructivist said...

onechan will type now:

call the super prius!

me again: that's a character I haven't yet introduced to Blogoramaville. short version: living car with magical powers that allow it to (for instance) visit Saja and Suweet at the north pole, go underwater, climb trees, adjust its size and weight, and so on.

Bill Benzon said...

is super prius a relative of the family's bought-in-japan prius?

The Constructivist said...

Well, ordered-from-Japan and bought-in-Buffalo Prius....