Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Onechan

A little happy birthday medley for onechan, who turns 4 today!

Powerpuff Girls Z/Ojamajo Doremi/Mermaid Melody/Yes! Pretty Cure 5 AMV:

Powerpuff Girls Z/Ojamajo Doremi AMV:

Tokyo Mew Mew/Mermaid Melody/Lucky Star AMV:

Azumanga Daioh Chiyo-chan tribute AMV:

My Little Pony:

Special bonus--holiday music from Vanilla Mood:


spyder said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER OF ONECHAN!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONECHAN. It wouldn't be a birthday if it wasn't about the mother birthing. I always think we should give our mothers presents on our birthdays, and they should celebrate us by giving us presents on Mother's Day (okay, also the Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanza thang too).

bill benzon said...

Where's the PPGs?

bill benzon said...

Or is it that "PPG Z" has nothing to do with PPGs no "Z"?

The Constructivist said...

PPG Z is the anime-ized, Japanese-produced version of the PPG, with the girls in late elementary or junior high school instead of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. If you go to moetron on the links, you can find summaries of just about every episode as well as a reflection on the first season as a whole. From what I can tell, it's an interestingly failed attempt to get Japanese kids interested in the original PPG enough to pester their parents to shell out for the Cartoon Network's attempt to break into the Japanese cable market. Or something. It was never on tv in Fukuoka, so I'm reserving judgment on it until we can watch it together. Which is ok, b/c I get the sense it's aimed at a slightly older audience than onechan....

spyder, great ideas about birthdays/mother's day. I'll be sure to let the Full Metal Archivist know about them!

spyder said...

It also happened to be Oaktown Girl's birthday yesterday too. And a very Happy Winter Solstice to all.

I love it when the days can start getting longer again (sometime around 10:07 pm PST tonight).

The Constructivist said...

Well, happy birthday to Oaktown Girl, too! Onechan's in good company.