Monday, February 23, 2009

Doggie Goes to the Moon

Thanks to teh wondars of the intertubes, we got to read another story from Grandpa Bob before the girls went to bed.


Doggie Goes to the Moon


Grandpa Bob

One day, doggie decided to go for a walk. He was looking for fun. Soon he came to some stores. One had a TV in the window. The TV showed a space ship landing on the moon. A man in a space suit got out. He had a golf club and ball. He hit a golf shot on the moon!

Doggie said, "That looks like fun! I want to play golf on the moon, too."

Doggie ran as fast as he could to the Spaceport. The Spaceport was where rocket ships left earth to go to the moon. But the man at the Spaceport wouldn't let Doggie in. "Dogs can't fit in the seats and we have no dog food for you to eat on the rocket ship," he said.

Doggie was sad. He really wanted to play golf on the moon. He slowly walked home and didn't even wag his tail.

On the way home, he passed onechan's and imoto's house. They saw him and asked him to come in for ice cream. They asked Doggie why he was so sad and he told them. But onechan and imoto knew how to make him happy again!

Onechan had a picture of the moon. Imoto had a toy rocket ship. They pretended Doggie was a passenger on the rocket ship. They gave him ice cream to eat while he "pretend flew" to the moon. Then they put him on the picture of the moon. They put a golf club in his mouth and put a ball on the picture. Doggie hit the ball. It rolled far!

Now Doggie was happy! He had played golf on the moon--thanks to onechan and imoto!



Onechan told me what happened after the ending!

Onechan: Imoto used magic and Doggie went into the picture of the moon.

Me: What happened next?

Onechan: That's it! Now can we do that Sparkychan falling all the way to us one?

What can I say? It was right before bed time, after all!

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