Sunday, December 6, 2009

LPGA Q-School Sunday, Round 3: War of Attrition

The LPGA was forced to complete the 3rd round of its Q-School with the same rules they had started it, so there was no chance to institute lift, clean, and place rules on the 2 LPGA International courses. I can't come up with any other explanation for why scores were so incredibly high today. Sure, the weather is cool by Florida standards (mid-60s), but the wind was almost nonexistent and the pins were there for the taking. Still, the players who could avoid plugged balls and figure out the speed of the greens made up a lot of ground on the field.

Here's how the top 10 and notables stand:

T1/-4 Marianne Skarpnord (76L-66C-70L), Leah Wigger (69C-73L-70L), Katie Kempter (70L-69C-73L)
4th/-3 Maria Hernandez (73L-70C-70L)
T5/-2 Adrienne White (72L-71C-71L), Azahara Munoz (69C-72L-73L)
T7/E Tania Elosegui (76C-70L-70L), Nicole Hage (74L-71C-71L), Iben Tinning (70C-74L-72L), Amanda Blumenherst (72L-71C-73L), Lisa Meldrum (71C-70L-75L), Nicole Jeray (70C-70L-76L), Jane Chin (73L-65C-78L), Nikki Garrett (67C-71L-78L)

A lot of bunching there--a lot can happen in the last 36 holes. Same goes for the notables already in the top 20 and just outside it:

T15/+1 Izzy Beisiegel (74C-76L-67C), Pernilla Lindberg (73C-73L-71L), Julieta Granada (72C-69L-76L)
T18/+2 Beatriz Recari (79L-71C-68C), Kris Tschetter (77L-72C-69C), Tamie Durdin (75L-70C-73L), Liz Janangelo (74L-70C-74L)

T24/+3 Angela Oh (79L-71C-69C), Pornanong Phatlum (75L-71C-73L), Young-A Yang (75L-68C-76L)
T30/+4 Lisa Strom (71C-75L-74L), Mariajo Uribe (75C-71L-74L), Mallory Blackwelder (74L-72C-74L), Il Hee Lee (69C-76L-75L), Meredith Duncan (72C-72L-76L), Sung Ah Yim (71C-71L-78L)

There's practically no gap between top 20 and nothing, to tell you the truth. Anything can still happen!

T39/+5 Nanette Hill (73C-78L-70C), Gerina Mendoza (77L-72C-72C), Ashleigh Simon (75C-73L-73C), Diana D'Alessio (73L-72C-76L), Lisa Ferrero (74C-71L-76L), Yuko Mitsuka (69C-75L-77L), Emma Cabrera-Bello (71C-72L-78L), Gwladys Nocera (68C-74L-79L)

Anyone who doesn't panic is still right in this thing.

T50/+6 Briana Vega (80L-73C-69C), Cindy LaCrosse (77L-74C-71C), Lauren Doughtie (77C-73L-72C), Kitty Hwang (73L-74C-75L), Sarah-Jane Smith (73C-72L-77L), Virada Nirapathpongporn (74L-71C-77L), Paola Moreno (72L-73C-77L), Dewi Claire Schreefel (71C-73L-78L)
T62/+7 Mollie Fankhauser (76L-76C-71C), Charlotte Mayorkas (77L-74C-72C), Ayaka Kaneko (77C-73L-73C), Esther Choe (71L-76C-76L), Jeehae Lee (74L-71C-78L), Christine Song (71C-73L-79C)
T71/+8 Tiffany Joh (78L-75C-71C), Miriam Nagl (77C-72L-75C), Carolina Llano (72L-70C-82L)
T76/+9 Sophia Sheridan (77C-72L-76C), Sofie Andersson (77C-72L-76C), Alison Walshe (74L-73C-78L)
T80/+10 Stephanie Na (72L-77C-77C), Stephanie Connelly (73C-75L-78C)
T86/+12 Nontaya Srisawang (72L-74C-82L)
T94/+15 Hannah Jun (82L-73C-76C)
T100/+19 Maru Martinez (79C-79L-77C)

WD Erica Blasberg (72C-78L-WD), Aree Song (80L-76C-WD)

The 4th round kicked off in the early afternoon. New post coming soon on it!

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