Saturday, December 11, 2010

LPGA Q-School Saturday: Korda Leads, Averyhardt and Shepley Make Big Moves

Just as I predicted, Jessica Korda and Aree Song battled for the lead on the easier Champions course all during the 4th round of LPGA Q-School today, with Korda prevailing by 2 shots when Song finished +2 over her final 6 holes. While Korda carded a 69 and Song a 71, the biggest moves of the day were made by Jessica Shepley and Shasta Averyhardt. Whereas Shepley's bogey-free 66 on the Champions course improved on her previous score there by 13 shots and beat Averyhardt by 1, the African-American hopeful fired a 67 on the tougher Legends course, improving by 10 shots from her disastrous 3rd day on the Champions course. Moreover, she moved from T25 to T8, while Shepley got to T33 after starting the day at T69. Others who made nice moves in the right direction away from the cut line included Becky Brewerton, Meredith Duncan, and Lisa Strom. But Ashleigh Simon and Mallory Blackwelder were perhaps the best-known among the notables who ended up on the wrong side of the cut line.

Here's how the leaders and notables stand as they enter tomorrow's final, along with those who are done for the week:

(Note: L=Legends, C=Champions, [a]=amateur)
1st/-9 Jessica Korda [a] (72L-72C-66L-69C)
2nd/-7 Aree Song (67L-72C-71L-71C)
3rd/-6 Libby Smith (67C-69L-73C-73L)
T4/-5 Reilley Rankin (67L-73C-73L-70C), Jin Young Pak (72C-71L-69C-71L),
T6/-4 Dewi Claire Schreefel (70L-74C-71L-69C), Pornanong Phatlum (72L-66C-76L-70C)
T8/-3 Shasta Averyhardt (70C-71L-77C-67L), Nicole Hage (71C-73L-69C-72L), Belen Mozo (68L-72C-72L-73C)
T11/-2 Paola Moreno (72L-74C-72L-69C), Jenny Suh (74L-71C-71L-70C), Nicole Jeray (70L-74C-72L-70C), Sarah Brown (73C-70L-73C-70L), Dori Carter (71C-74L-70C-71L), Angela Oh (70L-74C-70L-72C), Jimin Jeong (69C-69L-73C-75L)
T18/-1 Stephanie Kim (73L-74C-71L-69C), Jeehae Lee (71C-72L-74C-70L)
T20/E Jennie Lee (77L-73C-70L-68C), Christel Boeljon (71C-76L-71C-70L), Nannette Hill (73L-72C-73L-70C), Sara Brown (72L-73C-72L-71C), Allison Fouch (71L-72C-74L-71C)

T25/+1 Mollie Fankhauser (70L-71C-75L-73C), Pernilla Lindberg (68C-77L-68C-76L)
T27/+2 Lisa Ferrero (74L-70C-76L-70C), Caroline Hedwall (71C-73L-74C-72L), Ayaka Kaneko (69C-78L-70C-73L), Adrienne White (71L-76C-70L-73C)
T33/+3 Angela Buzminski (70C-77L-74C-70L), Jaclyn Sweeney (75L-71C-75L-70C), Jessica Shepley (74L-79C-72L-66C), Amelia Lewis (72C-73L-74C-72L)
T37/+4 Beth Bader (74L-75C-73L-70C), Alison Walshe (71C-78L-72C-71L), Jennifer Johnson (71L-74C-76L-71C), Jean Reynolds (73C-76L-71C-72L), Kimberly Kim (71C-78L-70C-73L), Junko Nakada (73L-73C-73L-73C), Harukyo Nomura [a] (76L-69C-74L-73C)

T45/+5 Jodi Ewart (79C-73L-69C-72L), Jane Rah (74C-74L-72C-73L), Tiffany Joh (73C-75L-71C-74L)
T49/+6 Becky Brewerton (76L-76C-73L-69C), Kim Welch (77L-73C-71L-73C), Elisa Serramia (74C-74L-68C-78L)
T54/+7 Lisa Strom (76C-77L-73C-69L), Meredith Duncan (75L-73C-78L-69C), Christi Cano (71L-76C-78L-70C), Young-A Yang (71L-78C-73L-73C)
T61/+8 Hannah Jun (74L-74C-77L-71C), Samantha Richdale (77L-72C-75L-72C), Leah Wigger (75L-70C-77L-74C), Katie Kempter (72C-72L-74C-78L)
T68/+9 Yukari Nishiyama (75L-76C-76L-70C), Sydnee Michaels (74L-76C-75L-72C), Sophia Sheridan (71C-78L-73C-75L), Mo Martin (74L-73C-74L-78C)

MC: Danielle Downey (77L-73C-80L-70C), Ashleigh Simon (70C-82L-73C-74L), Cathryn Bristow (73C-72L-75C-78L), Mallory Blackwelder (73L-75C-78L-76C), Lucy Nunn (75C-77L-78C-73L), Whitney Wade (80L-77C-72L-74C), Ryann O'Toole (76L-75C-80L-74C), Dorothy Delasin (76C-79L-78C-73L), Michelle Ellis (73L-78C-75L-80C), Esther Choe (73C-83L-77C-74L), Song Yi Choi (77L-78C-76L-76C), Briana Vega (78C-78L-79C-75L), Miriam Nagl (82C-77L-76C-79L), Shayna Miyajima (73C-84L-78C-79L), Danielle McVeigh [a] (77C-81L-78C-79L), Kelli Kuehne (83C-86L-82C-74L)

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