Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Crunch Time on the Symetra Tour This Month

There are only 3 events left on the Symetra Tour schedule.  With 2 stops in Kansas leading up to the grand finale in Florida, it's crunch time for those players trying to secure their 2015 LPGA cards by finishing in the top 10 on the money list and, for the next 15, a free pass into the final stage of LPGA Q-School.  Marissa Steen, Min Seo Kwak, Sadena Parks, Yueer Cindy Feng, Wei-Ling Hsu, Jackie Stoelting, and Kendall Dye have already earned enough to make it highly probable that all will end up in the top 10, no matter how they play this month.  Dye has earned over $11K more than her next closest competitor, Lee Lopez.  So let's take a closer look at those between #8 and #35 on the money list right now:

8. Lee Lopez $33.2K
9. Mallory Blackwelder $32.4K
10. Veronica Felibert $32.0K
11. Lindy Duncan $31.7K
12. Demi Runas $31.7K
13. Min Lee $31.4K
14. Brittany Altomare $29.8K
15. Nicole Vandermade $29.7K
16. Emily Talley $29.1K
17. Sara-Maude Juneau $28.8K
18. Madison Pressel $27.6K
19. Laura Gonzalez-Escallon $27.4K
20. Jennie Lee $23.6K
21. Maude-Aimee Leblanc $23.4K
22. Daniela Iacobelli $21.8K
23. Molly Aronsson $21.6K
24. Jean Reynolds $21.6K
25. Marta Silva $21.4K
26. Hye-Min Kim $21.2K
27. Megan McChrystal $20.1K
28. Kim Kaufman $19.6K
29. Calle Neilson $19.5K
30. Casey Grice $18.3K
31. Therese Koelbaek $17.9K
32. Caroline Powers $17.8K
33. Katie Kempter $17.7K
34. Stephanie Na $16.9K
35. Madeleine Sheils $16.8K

Statistically speaking, someone way down the money list can still run the table and at least get to skip Stage II of Q-School at the very end of the month.  That's why I don't get why players like Hannah Yun (#40, $15.2K), Cheyenne Woods (#53, $12.0K), and Ginger Howard (#73, $7.8K) aren't entered in this week's event.  At least Woods and Howard have entered Stage II, but what about Yun?  Here's hoping she's ok!

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