Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stage II of LPGA Q-School Begins Today: Cheyenne and Ariya and Minjee, Oh My!

Here are your pairings for the 1st round of Stage II of LPGA Q-School.  You can find the links to the final field and live scoring here.  LPGA.com and Tony Jesselli have excellent previews out, so I'll simply add that there are even more players to keep an eye on than they focus on, including (most notably) 2013 JLPGA Rookie of the Year and International Crown Team Japan member Mamiko Higa, LETer Nontaya Srisawang, LPGA '06er and long-time LETer Louise Stahle, long-time ALPGer Stephanie Na, UCLA's Ani Gulugian, USC's Stephanie Kono and Sophia Popov, amateur Haruka Morita (Wanyao Lu), New Yorker and Princetonian Kelly Shon, and the Symetra Tour's Mitsuki Katahira.  I'll also be rooting for all-world names like Scooby Liu, Jamila Jaxaliyeva, Jenni Jenq, Pinrath Loomboonruang, Sherman Santiwiwatthanaphong, Britney Yada, Prima Thammaraks, and Katelyn Sepmoree to make it to Stage III.  But then, shouldn't everyone?

My only question is whether "Su Oh" from Australia is Su-Hyun Oh?  If so, she should be one of the most featured players in the field, so I have to assume she's not....  Unless she is and wants to fly in under the radar, in which case she's succeeding!


SJC said...

Su Oh wasn't in stage 1 and I don't see any other Su Ohs in the top 300 WAGR, so I am pretty sure that is Su-Hyun Oh. On TV in tournaments in the past few months, I've noticed that the announcers often call her "Su Oh".

The Constructivist said...


Jeff said...

I noticed no one mentioned Ju Young Park (unless I missed it). Is that not Hee Young Park's younger sister?