Thursday, February 1, 2007

New #1 Thing I Miss About Living in the States!

OK, so the contenders used to be boring things like missing the best NFL season evah or not seeing Tiger or Lorena win any of their tournaments, or obvious things like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I certainly haven't missed driving an hour for good Japanese food or paying more for long distance than I do here even when I have to use SkypeOut. But there's a new #1 in town, baby!

I refuse to link, as I'm way behind both the news cycle and the snark cycle (I just checked and it's the #2 Technorati search, so you can find it yourself!), but, man, will I go to my grave regretting missing the unfolding of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie advertising-campaign-cum-terrorist-threat-uh-hoax-(not!)-kerfluffle, or what?! Even following it the way I follow American sports nowadays, it was easily the funniest thing of the year. Funnier even than ATHF itself. Plus it's the gift that keeps on giving: since the movie itself can only be an anticlimax after something as beautiful as this, I won't even have to worry about missing it until it comes out on DVD here or there.

The right-wing mediasphere--priceless!

[Update: Will. not. break. no. link. pledge. Check. blogroll. on. your. own.]

[Update 2/5/07: This is not a link that purports to answer the burning question of what Hawthorne would make of all this.]


JP Stormcrow said...

It certainly has been(is being) an event. And some interesting reactions - for instance on the new (ex)Pand-agon there are several different takes. And the one poster who was actually delayed (Sheelzebub) by it uses her anger to vent at the pervasiveness of "marketing". It does bring to mind Pattern Recognition, a great book by William Gibson.

[main character]... suffers from a psychological hypersensitivity that causes her to have allergic reactions to brands and corporate logos. She uses this unique sensitivity to gauge how "hip" a pitch or brand is in her work as an advertising consultant.

The Constructivist said...

The Gibson connection is nice, JPS. Although to me [adult swim] is more geeky than cool. Which of course is why I'm such a fan. As an old school connoisseur of ATHF who had to give it up b/c my wife finds my tastes in humor too disturbing--no more Simpsons, no more Futurama, and of course no more South Park, much less the comedy on [as] (we've compromised by only watching sf anime together)--I'm definitely on the side of the "what's the big fuss?" crowd. But I'll check out the new Pandagon, too.

To pick up on Bill Benzon's Tokugawa Blogging post (and others of his) over at The Valve, I wonder if this tagging/viral strategy is itself an attempt to imitate the spread of memes online....

peter ramus said...

The malefactors have their say.

Oaktown Girl said...

Because I'm on week one of New Job, I haven't been able to follow this at all, which, from what I read here, is a real bummer.

Will be able to catch up's Friday!

All I will say for now is that I've always really liked the (and spelling here is just a guess) Ignignot and Err ATHF characters.

The Constructivist said...

Yeah, Oaktown Girl, Space Invaders-based space invaders are a great idea!