Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What If We Threw a Blogocalypse Carnival...and the GNF Came?

To show that the WAAGNFNP is all about the transparency as well as the splitting and the fusing, I have a question for the relevant Party Ministries. How about making The Unofficial Carnival of the Blogocalypse official sometime this fine winter season? Or does the notion have more of a spring feel to it, April being the cruelest month and all? (Yes, April 1 it must be. Don't you just love the decisiveness and inclusiveness of the Party's decision-making process?)

Which is just to say that perhaps we ought to consider another cage match or something. You'll no doubt have noted that the Apocalypse Scale I linked twice to a few days ago ranks the GNF rather low among the range of doomsday scenarios--and that bloggers who shall not be named here have derided the WAAGNFNP for ignoring the threats posed by viral and ecological forces. (Remember when Floating Head Professor deleted some Christian Identity apocalypse spam from his comments? Ah, those were the days.) Such challenges must not go, uh, unchallenged!

Can we do it? Yes, we can! (But what do you think? "You" in the most inclusive sense, no Party oaths or confessions required for commenting here!)

[Update 2/2/07: Rough Theory updates our scorecards for us! 2/3/07: Twice! 2/6/07: High, Low & in-between nominates blogocalypse for new word of the year! Thanks, I like it, too--and even thought I was being original when I "coined" it--but that's another Sadly, No! moment for me, it turns out. Too bad. Still, I'm hoping we can count these folks in for our 1 April 2007 carnival. 2/7/07: Here's some hot piping Schoolhouse Apocalypse from one of The Valve's newest BWAers. Is this the best way to set up a survey course you've ever read about, or what?]


Oaktown Girl said...

Hi, all!

Well, I'm having a much harder time adjusting back to a "normal" day/night schedule than I thought I would. Actually, I should not be surprised. After a whole year on the graveyard shift, it was silly of me to think that I'd be re-adjusted after only a few days.

Anyway, I'm here. I'm just dragging, and dealing with new-job stress (all that new stuff to learn, etc). Plus, all this daylight and all these people around is very disorienting... and a little creepy. (I hope that shakes off soon).

Tired though she is, MOJ continues to be infused with the Vision of Gojira, (which is no doubt inspired by the boundless devotion of TC to the WAAGNFNP), and will share that vision soon. Probably on Friday night - when she can sleep in the next morning. (Oh, I'm also now on a regular M-F schedule, so that's nice).

JP Stormcrow said...

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