Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scrubs Christmas and Windows Live Writer

I am not the biggest Microsoft fan out there, but their new desktop blogging software "Windows Live Writer" is really great. It downloads your blogs CSS settings and lets you write your post in the look it will appear on the blog. I am using it for since 2 weeks and had no problems yet. Look at this screenshot:


As you can see I am writing this post with the Live Writer as well. Let's see how that turns out. And since all that blogging software talk alone is arbitrary but not that much fun, I'll go ahead and try embedding a youtube video with the Live Writer:

I love Charlie Brown... and the first seasons of Scrubs were kind of fun too.

It seems that adding blogger labels doesn't work with the Live Writer yet, so I'll add them manually. But let's see how this looks posted...

[Well, the video didn't work, I embedded it again online... The embedding took some time, but it seems that you can embedd youtube videos by using the following code in the HTML editor:
<div xmlns=''><p>-;<object height='350' width='425'><param value='' name='movie'></param><embed height='350' width='425' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src=''></embed></object></p></div>

Well it took like 10 edits, but now it should display right... and the HTML you can use, too. Just replace the youtube url with the one of your video.

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Oaktown Girl said...

Hey Adrian -
that YouTube was great. I especially loved seeing Turk's voice come out of Schroeder - too funny.

I'm a "Scrubs" fan, but I really dislike the lead character, JD. But all the other characters are so good, it makes up for it. "Scrubs" is still good. The only season I'd call weak is Season Two.

Please see the comment I made on my post below and help if you can. I need some basic help with the text.

And JP would like to adopt one of the MOOAD hounds, so could you please put his name up on one of the doggies? Thanks.