Monday, January 8, 2007

Mourning the End of an Era

OK, I've been putting up a brave front in the comments over at Le Blogue Berube's final post, but really I feel about as bad as I did around the times when I found out that Rage Against the Machine, At the Drive-In, and The Tea Party had broken up. Especially because all along I thought this blog retirement (what, not even a leave?) motif was another extended inside joke on an always entertaining and convoluted blog. But the Nile isn't just a river in Egypt, or so I've heard.

Why is it that people who are really good at what they do decide to stop doing it? Why can't Berube try the Radiohead reinvention thing? He's been complaining about repeating himself lately, but for Ashtaroth's sake, he's a drummer! [Update: But he can spell better than me--thanks, Oaktown Girl! Wouldn't do to get on that demon's bad side.]

Time for bargaining. Hmmm, what to bargain with? Ah, of course, a golf challenge! Seeing as I haven't played regularly since the summer of 2003, it should be a fair bet to offer to play him on the course of his choice at my own expense, and if I win, he has to do one LPGA blog post, while if he wins, he has to do one "We Are the Champions" post. One should be all it takes to reactivate his addiction-like relation to blogging.

Is it time for acceptance yet? Nope, apparently I have to hit depression first. OK, done. And done.

Tomorrow I'll start telling my kids stories about the good old days back when Berube was blogging.

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Oaktown Girl said...

The demon Lord Astaroth politely requests you adjust the spelling of his name to the previously established WAAGNFNP standard. Thank you.

Also, I saw this blog yesterday from the Berube comment link, TC. Is this a new blog for you, or I am just seeing it now? Anyway, I'll bookmark it. Will visit and read more later. I'll always support my WAAGNFNP brothers and sisters.
Gotta run now.

Oaktown Girl