Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stuff You Won't Find on Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like? No postbourgie. Too many strained and obvious attempts at political humor crowd out the really very funny pieces.

Now, I know the kids at SWPL are hard-working go-getters who just need the right break to really make it in Blogoramaville. So from the depth of Mostly Harmless's breaking-100-hits-a-day-once-in-a-blue-moon-derived wisdom, let me offer them a little friendly advice.

Don't let your 100th post go by before you do a Tiger Woods piece. Or the 150th go by before you do a Concern Trolling John Daly piece. Or the 200th go by before you do a Hating the Idea of Golf piece. Or the 250th go by before you do a Golf Babes piece. Or the 300th go by before you do a Michelle Wie piece (her game should be back by then). I'm not asking for much. Just 1 golf post in 50. Don't leave the golfy humor to this guy alone! (Yeah, I'll bet that's his real name, too.)

[Update: Thanks to the discerning and curious readers of Belle's recent SWPL post, I almost had to rewrite my "once in a blue moon" bit above. Well, folks, you gave it the good old college try, but unless there's a flood in the next couple of minutes, my bit is safe.]

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