Sunday, September 15, 2013

Konica Minolta Cup Sunday: Final Round Washed Out; 3-Hole Playoff between Bo-Mee Lee and Mamiko Higa to Start at 1 pm Hokkaido Time

It appears that the LPGA isn't the only tour cursed by bad weather this week.  The JLPGA just announced that they have decided to cancel the final round of their 2nd major, the Konica Minolta Cup, and hold a 3-hole playoff between 3rd-round co-leaders Bo-Mee Lee and Mamiko Higa.

[Update 1 (2:18 am):  Bo-Mee Lee has won the playoff!]

[Update 2 (2:21 am):  This was the 1st time since the tournament went to 72 holes in 1982 that they had to shorten it to 54 holes.  I'll try to get more details on the playoff later in the morning!]

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