Sunday, September 29, 2013

Symetra Tour Championship: Race for the Card To End in 36-Hole Sprint...or Tomorrow

It's looking like 72 holes of the Symetra Tour Championship will result in exactly zero changes to the top 10 on the money list.  Although #8 Olivia Jordan-Higgins missed the cut Friday, the 36-hole sprint today after Saturday was washed out has made an already-difficult task for those from #11 to #25 on the list nearly impossible, as has the amazing play of Megan McChrystal and Paula Reto.  McChrystal fired a 68 in her 1st 18 today and is -4 through 12 in her 2nd to sit on top of the leaderboard at -13.  Reto shot a 70 and is -2 through 11 to fall one shot behind the leader.  If Perrine Delacour, who's -5 today and -9 overall with 5 holes to go can somehow win, she can make it into the top 10.  But she's the only one who has a chance.  If she can somehow do it, the pressure falls on #9 Alena Sharp and #10 Jaclyn Sweeney, both of whom are struggling down the home stretch, to pass Jordan-Higgins..

That's not to say there's not a lot at stake still for those who are trying to finish #11 to #20 on the season-ending money list, because that's worth a bye into the final stage of LPGA Q-School.  Jackie Stoelting at #19 missed the cut and will most likely be playing in Stage II in October.  #18 Hannah Yun is +2 today with 5 holes to go and will need to finish strong to avoid getting knocked out, as well, by Lisa Ferrero at -9, Fiona Puyo at -6, and Amelia Lewis and Jenny Suh at -5.  Let's see what happens!

[Update 1 (7:16 pm):  Delacour's -10 but she has only 2 holes to go.  She's 3 behind Reto (3 to go) and 2 behind McChrystal (2 to play).]

[Update 2 (7:18 pm):  Ferrero's bogeyed 15 and 16 to fall back to -7, now only 2 shots ahead of Marina Alex, who went 68-69 today to leap into 6th place.]

[Update 3 (7:19 pm):  Puyo's bogeyed 14 and 15 to drop to -4, tied with money-list leader P.K. Kongkraphan, who went 65-72 today.]

[Update 4 (7:23 pm):  Suh's bogeyed 15 and 16 and Lewis 14 and 16 to fall back to -3, which is good enough for T9 with Stefanie Kenoyer right now.  Nice 70-69 by Lindy Duncan and 69-70 by Candace Schepperle guaranteed them top 20s and give them a chance for top 10s if the chase back keeps faltering.

[Update 5 (7:25 pm):  Sharp stumbled home with a closing 77 to finish at +3 for the week, but she made enough to pass Jordan-Higgins if not to stay ahead of Sweeney, who went 73-72 today to end up at E.]

[Update 6 (7:29 pm):  Birdie on 8 brings Yun back to +1 in her 2nd round, +2 for the day, and +6 overall.  It sure would be great to get a birdie on the par-5 9th to make it harder to knock her out of the top 20 on the money list when all is said and done!]

[Update 7 (7:30 pm):  Wonder how many holes they can get in before it gets too dark to finish today?]

[Update 8 (7:33 pm):  Darn it, Hannah bogeyed 9, for her 4th bogey of the side.  That's going to hurt her cause.]

[Update 9 (7:36 pm):  Reto bogeyed 16 to fall back to -12, tied with McChrystal, who has only the par-5 18th left to go.]

[Update 10 (7:37 pm):  By my count, there are only 2 threesomes left on the course, but it's hard to believe they all can finish today.]

[Update 11 (7:40 pm):  I think they're done for today.  Kenoyer hasn't finished 16 yet and her partners did.  I think she decided she's had enough.]

[Update 12 (7:48 pm):   Wow!  Delacour birdied 18 to go 71-66 today and finish at -11.  If McChrystal and Reto falter tomorrow, Jordan-Higgins could fall from #8 to #11!]

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