Monday, February 18, 2008

After Glow

Since I'm not a big hoops, hockey, or golf fan (although I do enjoy bringing the hate to a few of the male golfers who've pissed me off in the past by spewing some arrogant bullshit...and I won't mention any names like Singh, Lefty, or Montgomery), sports-wise all I can really do these days is bask in the after glow of the Giants beat-down of the hated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl a few weeks back. Mmmm...good times.

This time of year is my Sports Black Hole. Baseball season is weeks and weeks away. I appreciate basketball and do cheer heartily for my local team (Go Warriors!) and my school team (Go Bears!), but basketball really kind of stresses me out, so it's not good for my escapist diversion needs like football is. I cheer for the local hockey team (Sharks), but hockey is best live, and going to a game is not a financial reality.

Being a sports fan, one of my most-utilized escapist diversions is sports talk radio--flawed and oft-maddening as it may be, what with the endless parade of white male hosts bringing a near-uniform perspective. But for me, sports talk radio is really the pits this time of year. I guess the best I can hope for is that the Bill Belichick "Spygate" scandal has "legs." I could be nicely entertained listening to that drama for a while.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here's big-time Giants fan Carl giving his post-Super Bowl joy-rant. Good stuff!


JP Stormcrow said...

I don't necessarily care for the Patriots, but I found myself caught up in looking for a perfect season. All else being equal, I usually find myself rooting for the overdog... I don't know if a team just seems better I like to see them finish it out. Probably a reaction to the times when various teams of mine have been "better" yet lost.

Christian said...

Finally I got that gmail account only to comment here. I'm so waiting for the baseball season. My prediction for November: the Cubs win the World Series, creating the necessary momentum (how sports journalists love that term...) for Obama to be elected president a couple days later.

Until then, I while away time by following Northwestern softball (number 2 in the nation, go 'Cats!).

Dang. It automatically uses my first name with no "h." attached for posting. Oh well, just imagine the "h."