Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Corning Classic Pairings: You Can't Win on a Thursday, but....

It's hard to come back from an off-week, but Paula Creamer's been there before this season and learned from the experience. It's even harder, though, to come back from an off-week and face challenging weather conditions the first round or more, as Lorena Ochoa can no doubt attest. So it's a good thing for the Pink Panther that she's going off in the afternoon front prime-time quadrant tomorrow at the Corning Classic:

Start Time: 12:10 PM
Paula Creamer
Jimin Kang
Janice Moodie

Start Time: 12:20 PM
Meg Mallon
Sherri Steinhauer
Rosie Jones

Start Time: 12:30 PM
Taylor Leon
Laura Diaz
Hee-Won Han

Start Time: 12:40 PM
Jeong Jang
Angela Stanford
Linda Wessberg

Start Time: 12:50 PM
Carolina Llano
Kristy McPherson
Young Kim

It's really too bad the tournament organizers couldn't extend the same courtesy to Mi Hyun Kim, who has to rank among Creamer's top challengers this week, stiff knee or no; instead, they put her in the morning back prime-time quadrant:

Start Time: 8:40 AM
Na Yeon Choi
Danielle Ammaccapane
Na On Min

Start Time: 8:50 AM
Katherine Hull
Sandra Gal
Leta Lindley

Start Time: 9:00 AM
Kate Golden
Becky Morgan
Dina Ammaccapane

Start Time: 9:10 AM
Irene Cho
Meaghan Francella
Johanna Head

Start Time: 9:20 AM
Ji Young Oh
Katie Futcher
Mi Hyun Kim

How Danielle A. got there with Choi and Min I have no idea! In any case, it's advantage to Hilary Lunke, who snagged a pairing in the afternoon back prime-time quadrant:

Start Time: 12:10 PM
Alena Sharp
Silvia Cavalleri
Kyeong Bae

Start Time: 12:20 PM
Song-Hee Kim
Hilary Lunke
Eva Dahllof

Start Time: 12:30 PM
Inbee Park
Seon Hwa Lee
Jill McGill

Start Time: 12:40 PM
Moira Dunn
Gloria Park
Meena Lee

Start Time: 12:50 PM
Sun Young Yoo
Diana D'Alessio
Il Mi Chung

Nice to see Moira playing with Meena and Gloria. That leaves the morning front prime-time quadrant to get their toughness on:

Start Time: 8:40 AM
H.J. Choi
Wendy Ward
Erica Blasberg

Start Time: 8:50 AM
Hee Young Park
Sung Ah Yim
Candie Kung

Start Time: 9:00 AM
Giulia Sergas
Kris Tamulis
Jamie Hullett

Start Time: 9:10 AM
Karine Icher
In-Kyung Kim
Lorie Kane

Start Time: 9:20 AM
Mikaela Parmlid
Heather Young
Soo-Yun Kang

Speaking of tough, Anna Rawson gets another early bird special: she's playing with Liz Janangelo (whom a certain ESPN columnist picked for his Rookie of the Year) in the first pairing off the back side, two groups ahead of Junior Mint Na Ri Kim, who's making her first appearance on the LPGA this year while struggling on the Futures Tour. Even struggling Super Soph Jeanne Cho-Hunicke is going off almost an hour later on the front. Congrats to New Yorker Danielle Downey for snagging the last group of the day off the front; with luck, she won't even have to play 18 holes in what's shaping up to be the only bad weather day of the tournament.

Here's hoping the Corning organizers have learned from the mistakes of the Sybase people. And that that strange meme that it's the influx of Asian golfers that has endangered the Corning goes to an early grave. Or is being the site of 3 consecutive wins by Seoul Sisters a kiss of death on the LPGA?

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