Friday, May 30, 2008

Louise Friberg Kicks Butt!

Louise Friberg has a great website and updates her blog there regularly. Great insight into the life of a LPGA rookie. Well, she was back home in Sweden recently and while there played a round with some reporters doing a story on her. Here's her report:

Today, Tuesday [5/20] I first had an interview and then a golfmatch with the reporters. They have 2 and 4 handicap (so they say...) and they played bestball against me. I won 3-1!!! I told them I would brag about it on my webpage so here it is. I kicked butt!! Haha...we had a good time:)

My 5 regular readers may know I played junior golf with Moira Dunn in the Mohawk Valley and how often she kicked my butt around the golf course, but a funny anecdote like this is well worth passing along. How much of the not-so-disguised disdain from male golf writers that shows up in the way they write about just about every female professional not named Ochoa or Sorenstam comes from the feeling that they could beat the average LPGA pro head-to-head? Here's a suggestion: try to do it--and write about it....

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