Monday, May 26, 2008

On the Hot Seat: Jason Sobel

LPGA dull enough for ya this week at Corning, Jason?

Do me a favor, will you?

Please, please, please write a column celebrating how awesome Phil's awesome wedge was and how awesome it is that he's stepped up as Tiger's lead challenger and how awesome it would be to see Tiger and Phil in the final group Sunday at Torrey Pines, head to head, mano a mano, duking it out on golf's biggest stage. Here's a tip: cap it off by complaining about Leta Lindley's win and conclude that it shows how weak the LPGA is.

I mean, what is up with 20 players matching the third wheel of the Big 3? Paula Creamer never shot better than 35 on the back all week, so who does Leta Lindley think she is, chasing down Jeong Jang with a 32 on a side only a couple of other players in the field even shot 33 on? How dare a mother of 2 who hadn't won in 294 starts beat the world #8 on a day when she shot her best score of the week?

Just repeat after me: Tiger and Phil. Phil and Tiger. Tiger and Phil. Phil and Tiger.

Catchy, ain't it?

[Update (12:25 pm): Wow, I even wrote this before heading over to and witnessing Sobel and Harig repeat the mantra! And Sobel's weekly 18 cleverly saves the LPGA for last and quotes this week's winner about...her luggage! Nice!]


spyder said...

now that i have some actual time to surf my internets and tubes and so forth, and catch up with my favorite blogs, i propose that Sobel represents a certain strain of thinking common to most men interested in golf; to wit:
First, golf isn't really interesting unless you play (have played) it regularly and discover that space between zen and outright rage.
Second, it is easier to accept that the PGA tour players will kick your ass, because they have nothing better to do than play all the time.
Third, it is unacceptable to even meekly consider the reality that all of the women on the LPGA tour would kick your ass. That just isn't right.
Fourth, it is best to ignore the women of golf, but if one must comment, only mention their unmentionables, fashion sense, and luggage. To acknowledge their vast skills is worse than putting a driver shaft completely through your alimentary canal.

The Constructivist said...

Welcome back, spyder! I think you're onto something. BTW, this is a sequel to a post from last week that should help explain my sarcasm in this one.