Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Annika!

What? Annika Sorenstam plans to retire at the end of the 2008 season? Say it ain't so, Annika! The Sybase Classic pre-tournament interviews page will tell the tale soon--her press conference begins in less than half an hour.

[Update (2:01 pm): Hound Dog and I must be on the same wavelength--we posted at exactly the same time. In addition to LPGA.com, stay tuned to the comments section on Annika's most recent Q&A at her blog. She just announced her retirement there.]

[Update 2 (3:03 pm): Here's the Golf Channel's live coverage of her opening statement at her press conference.]

[Update 3 (3:21 pm): Here's Hound Dog on the blog announcement, The Golf Chick's reaction, the first Waggle Room notice, and Jeremy Fowler's Orlando Sentinel story.]

[Update 4 (3:23 pm): LPGA.com weighs in.]

[Update 5 (3:57 pm): Here's Hound Dog's initial response to the news.]

[Update 6 (4:04 pm): And Mulligan Stu's--go and leave a comment in the open thread he's set up!]

[Update 7 (4:08 pm): Hound Dog's title reminds me of one of my first Mostly Harmless posts; even though it was a tongue-in-cheek response to the end of Michael Berube's blog, I really am feeling the same mix of shock, disappointment, admiration, respect, and best wishes now as then.]

[Update 8 (4:59 pm): Golf.com has a photographic tribute to Annika's career.]

[Update 9 (5/14/08, 3:18 am): Geoff Shackelford is making up for his original tongue-in-cheek reaction with a great clippings post. And Daniel Wexler steps up with his response. Golfweek is expanding its coverage: of the press conference, players' reactions, and columns from Beth Ann Baldry and Jeff Rude. Plus they got video. The Golf Channel saved their best for their 1-hour special last night, but Brian Hewitt's column hits all the right notes and Vince Cellini's interview with LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens is interesting, particularly at the end. Even The Golf Guy is good. Annika really brings out the best in everyone! So kudos to Ron Sirak and Steve Elling, in particular, whom I've criticized in the past for the quality of their LPGA coverage. And nice jobs by Jason Sobel and Dave Allen.]

[Update 10 (12:25 pm): Ryan Ballengee suggests Annika's step away may not be as final as most have been thinking.]

[Update 11 (2:40 pm): The Golf Channel puts together an LPGA-centric but still well-done career overview.]

[Update 12 (5/15/08, 5:41 am): Bob Harig and Mark Kreidler join in and Jason Sobel rates Annika's top 10 moments in her career. Mulligan Stu at the new Waggle Room goes the humorous route in honor of Annika's Letterman appearance, as does Geoff Shackelford.]

[Update 13 (5/16/08, 6:52 am): Here's Alan Shipnuck.]

[Update 14 (7:25 am): The Golf Channel has more video--the former the Q&A from the press conference, the latter some talking heads on whether she'll come back or not.]

[Update 15 (5/22/08, 7:11 pm: Damon Hack's SI piece got me wondering if, say, after 3 more years of bumper rookie crops have entered the tour, one reason Sorenstam is leaving the door open for a comeback with her "stepping away" phrasing is that the challenge of getting back to the LPGA's elite against players half her age may prove too enticing to avoid. On the other hand, she could be implying that she doesn't believe she'll be able to chase down them and their now newbie peers when she's a new mom in her early 40s. As she's said repeatedly, she doesn't want to come back unless she can be at or near the top again. It'll be interesting to see how she assesses the competition and her own motivation and health early next decade.]

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