Monday, May 23, 2011

Pettersen Set the Pace as Winner at Sybase

I have not posted for awhile as I have spent the last 6 days at Hamilton Farms Country Club, home of the Sybase Match Play Championship. I walked over 100 holes following Paula Creamer for four rounds and then parts of other matches, including the exciting finale. My feet are so sore that it is going to take them until the ShopRite Classic 2 weeks from now to recover so I can start my walking all over again. By now you have probably read the very interesting recaps from Hound Dog and Waggle Room so I will not repeat the highlights.

It rained on and off for most of the 6 days at Gladstone, New Jersey but there were never any delays and it never put a damper on the girls' spirits. All of the girls were so gracious, even after losing matches, and very fan friendly.

I will remember Belen Mozo, the rookie here on a sponsor's exemption being the star of the show outside the ropes for her big smile and always mixing with the fans, and inside the ropes for walking with Val Skinner of the Golf Channel, adding commentary to the exciting final match. She will be qualifying for the U.S. open today, lets all keep our fingers crossed that she does well. I will remember Paula Creamer signing autographs in a steady downpour after her practice round on Wednesday. After her heartbreaking fourth-round loss, she signed more autographs until everyone was gone. I will remember Amy Hung giving out free almonds for hours at the Blue Diamond booth the day after elimination. I will remember a lot of things, mostly the fact that I was lucky enough to attend such an exciting event.

I congratulate Suzann Pettersen, who beat some very strong competition while fighting a bad cold to come out victorious.

It is never a good idea to fire up your opponent whether it is the World Series, the Super Bowl or the upcoming Solheim Cup. Suzann may have done just that.
Her comment after winning (later repeated as a tweet), saying "it's Europe 1 United states 0, I can't wait for Solheim," is going to be remembered and probably posted on lockers during this years event. Just maybe Suzann should have thought about her losing 4 of 5 matches the last time the Solheim Cup was played before making that comment.

The three players added to the Titleholders championship are Sophie Gustufson, Ai Miyazato and Julieta Granada. With the inclusion of Miyazato, the highest ranked player still not in is Inbee Park.

Rolex moves of the week:

Suzanne Petterson moves from #3 to #2. Other players moving up a spot in the top 15 are Sun-Ju Ahn (9 to 8) and Paula Creamer (12 to 11).

Hard-to-believe stat of the week:

Suzanne Pettersen is the only player to finish in the top 20 in every tournament this year.

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Glen said...

Your feet may be hurting, Tony, but I know you are smiling. Sounds like a great time was had. I am not surprised Tutta is the most consistent player so far this year. If she doesn't over-train herself into injury, look out come summer.