Monday, July 18, 2011

Nadeshiko Japan: 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Champions!

How about that comeback win by Nadeshiko Japan over Team USA at the Women's World Cup finals yesterday? Onechan and imoto and I first watched it live with my parents in Clinton, then caught the tail end of the rebroadcast with the Full Metal Archivist back home in Hamburg. It was the 1st sporting event I've seen onechan really get into--and why not? More bullet-dodging in the 1st 30 minutes and last 3 than The Matrix, absolute coolness in the face of Morgan's and Wambach's heroics, and total brilliance from Sawa yet again!

Here are the highlights, 1st by European announcers... by Japanese ones (this clip includes a number of near-goals, too!):

. I didn't notice till watching this one that it was Miyama, who got the opportunistic 1st goal for Japan late in regulation, whose corner kick near the end of the 2nd overtime period fed Sawa!

Loved how loose the Japanese coach and team were right before penalty kicks. All that smiling reminded me of So Yeon Ryu on U.S. Women's Open Monday! Let's hope Nadeshiko Japan's players start getting compensated like world champions soon--check out how most of them are barely eking out a living! Considering how they've inspired a nation--not to mention my favorite golfer, Ai Miyazato (who says here she couldn't stop crying!)--and provided the best news for Japan all year, they deserve nothing but the best.

Imoto was pretty low key about the match at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but she got more into it after the long drive home. Maybe she'll get even more excited about Nadeshiko Japan when she sees that they appeared on one of her favorite Japanese kids' tv shows:

Lots of western NY connections, with Wambach not only from Rochester but specifically from Pittsford, which hosts the Wegmans LPGA Championship, and Morgan a teammate of Marta's on the Western NY Flash. Looks like we'll be going to a game this summer!

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