Friday, April 20, 2007

Pop Quiz Time Again

Ah, my stomach is bothering me again. Clearly, this is because

a) I ate too much sushi this evening;
b) I didn't wait long enough to start visiting Sadly, No!, The Poor Man Institute, Jesus' General, Pandagon, and Lawyers, Guns and Money again and am paying for even the vicarious and thoroughly-mocked exposure to Greater Wingnuttia;
c) I laughed too long and hard at Berube's latest;
d) JP Stormcrow's latest has brought my liberal guilt/conservative paranoia dialectic to a boil;
e) my second damn post at WAAGNFNP must have just gone up;
f) something else;
g) all of the above.


Anonymous said...


no wait no no... mmmmm uuuummmmm oh shoot, i know the answer, it was in the study guide. it can't be g) because well i just don't see how the wingnutterhea can be any weirder than that hearing yesterday. Okay i have to make a decision, and i am going with:

a) uni??

The Constructivist said...

ikura, I think! although I'm hoping for lots of f)s