Saturday, April 21, 2007

TTLB Back in This, Our Hour of Need

Mostly Harmless has been "a insignificant microbe" in the TTLB Ecosystem from the start, mostly because TTLB has been "on sabbatical," so to speak, in 2007. Well, thanks to Astaroth, Gojira, and NZ Bear, it is no longer. I can only speculate that TTLB's return is carefully timed to bring a little joy to the outskirts of blogoramaville. To which I can only reply, in the immortal words of SMAP, "Arigato-ohhhhhh":

I'm sure we'll all rest a little easier tonight, knowing more accurately where we fall in the Great Chain of Bloggy Being. If anyone wants to nominate NZ Bear for sainthood, I can attest that my stomach has been feeling better today, miraculously.

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