Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OMG! 18-Year-Old "Screen Golf" Champion Qualifies for KLPGA Event!

You have to follow the following comment thread over at Seoul Sisters.com!  It's easy to overlook at first--ho-hum, another teenage future star coming out of South Korea, right?  But wait!  This teenager is famous for being the leading money-winner on the Women's G-Tour, a professional tour in South Korea played entirely on virtual golf machines.

Haeji Choi is the name, "screen golf" is her game:

Paging Mr. Baudrillard! Mr. Baudrillard? Jean Baudrillard? Your golf simulator is ready....

It gets better!  Check out the awards ceremony:

Words fail!

(And, yes, So Yeon Ryu shows up in both videos!)

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