Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pornanong Phatlum and Teresa Lu Headline 1st TLPGA Event of 2014

The TLPGA's Hitachi Ladies Classic starts tomorrow and it features Pornanong Phatlum, Teresa Lu, 2013 TLPGA money leader Ya-Huei Lu, the JLPGA's Yuki Sakurai, and 2013 winner on the Symetra Tour Wei-Ling Hsu, among others.  Here's a link to their field list and live scoring!

[Update 1 (1:22 am):  Didn't actually get a chance to look at the full field list until now.  Other notables include the LPGA's Amy Hung, the LET's Nontaya Srisawang, and the JLPGA's Kaori Ohe, Lala Anai, Phoebe Yao, Yayoi Arasaki, Porani Chutichai, and newbie Yun-Joo Jeong.  Other names I recognized include Bo-Mi Suh, Tzu-Chi Lin, Titiya Plucksataporn, Min Lee, Tiffany Tavee, Babe Liu, and Noon Huachai.]


Anonymous said...

you can find full list :

but no teresa lu.

The Constructivist said...

Thanks, she must have been a late scratch, as I remember seeing her on the list when it 1st appeared and she was prominently featured in their initial press release....