Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the LPGA! Language Politics and Women's Golf

Thanks to Hound Dog, I just came across this smart blog post from a young Californian on the Futures Tour, Gina Umeck. First, you should read it to see what the kids are learning at UCLA these days. Second, you should read it to see how a pro golfer writes about the reception of players for whom English is not a mother tongue. Third, you should read it because, really, how many golf bloggers ever cite Chomsky on linguistics? Despite the occasional perhaps unintended irony (America as "big brother," hmmmm....) and perhaps understandable stylistic tic, Umeck is taking on an important issue and deserves the widest possible audience. Hopefully Julieta Granada and Ai Miyazato will address the topic on their blogs.

Speaking of audiences, I hope there's a good one at the course and on ESPN2 to see if the Pink Panther (Paula Creamer) can outplay Se Ri Pak and Mi Hyun Kim at the Pink Panther's tournament in Ohio this week. As has been his wont for the past year, Hound Dog has a fine tournament preview.

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