Friday, July 13, 2007

Help is on the way

PC5 and PPGs were successful. Gojira has consulted this worthy, who provided her with with the latest Constructivist-Hyper-Surreal-Weather-Blaster:

Things sure do change

When last I checked, Gojira & Sparkychan had gotten that super-whatzit-gizmo and boarded a Super-Atomic-Astro-Dancer Spaceship to come to the aid of Japan:

Sparky-chan and Gojo


The Constructivist said...

onechan: koen!
me: yeah, they're at a play park!
o: not a spaceship!
me: why not? it looks like one to me.
o: [pointing at the twisty ladder thingie] guru guru guru [around and around and around]
me: yeah, they spin around to until it flies to Japan

onechan starts drawing and singing. it's a picture of Tie-Dye Hana Kuma and onechan and imoto at a park with koi nomuri flying (these pennants for a boys' holiday). now she wants to do some arts and crafts out of a book from her yochien.

more later!

bill benzon said...

You know what Shakespeare-sama says, all the world's a play park.