Monday, July 16, 2007

Onechan's Choice

What's going on? Where are Gojira and Sparkychan? What are they looking at?

At the Movies

Wide Screen


The Constructivist said...

me [at computer]: onechan! come here!
onechan: what?
me: look at this!
o [still not coming]: what is it?
me: it's another present from Uncle Bill! he has a new story for you!
o: I want to the see the funny Powerpuff Girls cartoon!
me: later, honey. first look at this. after dinner we can watch the Powerpuff Girls video.
o: but I wanna see it now!
me: just look at this! [repeat several times: onechan eventually comes over; I read the story to her] so what's going on?
o: what's that?
me: a man.
o [pointing elsewhere on the screen]: tie-dye hana kuma!
me: his other name is sparkychan.
o [laughs]: sparkychan!
me: yeah, he's sparkychan and Gojira there is sometimes called gojochan.
o [laughs]: gojochan! [points at screen again] kuroi te!
me: yeah, that man has dark skin.
o [points]: what's that?
me: something in his hand. what is it?
o: banana!
me [laughing]
o [pointing at grafitto] what's that?
me: I don't know. what is it?
o [thinking]: shapes!
tsuma: are you two going to sit down for dinner!
me: dinner! let's go!

bill benzon said...

The painter calls himself PLASMA SLuGS (red ribbon for WAR}. The shapes he paints are, well, plasma slugs, whatever they are. But I'm pretty sure they're WAAGNFNP approved, if not actually the by product of GNFs past.