Sunday, July 22, 2007


Dear Onechan,

Sparkychan and I have been having lots of fun in Japan. We enjoyed pushing the typhoon away from you and Imoto and your Mommy and Daddy and all your friends. And we're having lots of fun hanging out in the baths and eating ice cream and playing pachinko and stuff. But you know what? We miss our friends back at the yochien at home.

Would you say "hello" to them for us and tell them we miss them? Here's a bunch, including Lululololala the Lion and Tomatimatami the Tiger:

the gang.jpg

And would you tell the little bears to Stop Climbing Around in the Cactus?


Thank you, Onechan.


Gojochan and Sparkychan

PS What happened to the little bears? Have they been drinking too much Kansas Kool Aid?



The Constructivist said...

Onechan wants to thank Gojochan for the nice note. She will write back soon!

The Constructivist said...

onechan [looking at Little Bears]: kuma! itai! itai! don't be going in it. [scrolls down--she discovered those arrow keys recently] it's black! [scrolls up] it's not black! [laughs]

me: what ae they saying?

o: wan wan! [pauses] where's yochien?

me: scroll up up up. more. ok.

o: tie-dye hana kuma's yochien! there's pooh!

me: yeah, tigger from pooh. he's [gives name]

o: lion!

me: yeah, from the lion king. he's [gives name]

o: go... gochi... goji?

me: gojira's yochien! gojochan!

o: gojochan! and supa... spa...?

me: sparkychan!

o: gankochan's on tv! [runs to kitchen]

The Constructivist said...

onechan laughed a lot when we looked at this one again!