Saturday, July 14, 2007

There They Are! Yippieeee!

Hey, Gojochan, I see them.


Onechan and Imoto.

its wrong i say.jpg

Gojochan: Where are they?

Sparkychan: Right down there. See them?

Gojochan: Yeah!

Sparkychan: You think they could hear us if we yelled?

Gojochan: I don't know. We're still pretty high up in the sky. This isn't Kansas you know.

Sparkychan: Let's try anyhow.

Gojochan: OK.


Sparkychan & Gojochan: Hi Onechan.

Gojochan: How's Imoto? Is she feeling better?

Sparkychan: Did you ever find the little worm? What about your umbrella?


The Constructivist said...

OMG! It was a time machine, too? Hoping onechan will get up soon--before Pretty Cure 5--because after it we have to go to Hakata to meet some friends coming in from Nagoya on the shinkansen (good for them, as many flights this am are cancelled). But thanks for deploying the weather whatzit device--the typhoon went so far south and east of us, we only got a little bit of wind and driving rain around 7 pm last night--and it looks like imoto's fever broke overnight, too!

bill benzon said...

That Gojiravision is one of the wonders of the modern world.

Oaktown Girl said...

Bill - your Gojira figurine here looks to be identical to the one I had for years, except for the painted toenails, and less heavy white on the back spiney parts.

It was my brother's (of course) that I inherited when I took over his college apartment in 1984. He had left it behind along with a lot of his other art and collectibles (free storage, can't be beat). So then I had the Gojira figurine with me until 2004, when it went back into his possession. Now I'm afraid that particular Gojira is packed away in his storage locker. Too bad. I'm sure she loves me way more than she loves him.

The Constructivist said...

me: did you find the little worm?

onechan: yeah.

me: where was it?

o: there. [points to computer screen] [draws capital T {she had been typing for m till this line}]

me: how is imoto doing today?

o: kazehiteru.

me: what does that mean in eigo?

o: sick.

me: is she still sick?

o: yeah.

me: hmm, she seems pretty good to mom and me. [takes her temperature. down to 37.3 C. not bad, considering she was out half the day in Hakata and Canal City with our friends from Nagoya.] Imoto doesn't have a fever--you think she's still sick?

o: yeah.

me: [thinking] we're in for a bad night, probably. time to get the girls to bed!

bill benzon said...

Oaktown Girl: I suspect that when they made the mold for that Gojira they made sure it would never never break, or at least that they'd always have duplicates.